Leo: The Perfect Sign for You

Can You Share a Spotlight With Leo the Lion?

Compatibility is complicated. And of course there’s more to an astrological match than just a Sun Sign. However, as the aspect of a chart which has the most to say about individual personality, Sun Signs still offer a lot of information. With that in mind (and the Sun entering Leo this month), here’s everything you need to know about the Lion!

Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s charisma draws admirers from all around. What you’ll be surprised to discover however, is that their self-assuredness is often skin deep. Not the most confident of signs (despite their obvious charms), this scene-stealer requires quite a bit of ego-stroking. However, if you respect a Leo and make them feel adored, there’s no end to which this sign will not go for you.

One of the more frustrating aspects of a Leo is a tendency to value appearances over reality. Getting the lion to face facts can be difficult (They’ll perceive it as criticism.) and this can lead to trouble in multiple areas (specifically finances). Leo will always want to have the best that they can possibly afford, or the best in general, even when they can’t afford it. You may need to find gentle, even subversive ways of reigning in their spending.

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The other side of this is that Leo will very likely lavish a loved one with expensive gifts. When given adequate love themselves, no one will make a partner feel more cherished than the Lion. You’ll know you’re important to them by how much they spend, in dollars, but also in effort. Leos are some of the most thoughtful lovers around. A Leo in love finds giving (attention, affection, etc.,) a source of pride.

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It’s no surprise then that pride is the operative word with this sign. Hurt a Leo’s ego and you may never recover. A lion scorned will not unleash the fury of hell, however. No, they’re far more likely to turn a cold shoulder…and potentially seek out another mate with or without telling you. If a lion feels you’ve slighted them in any way, they’re likely to put themselves first at all times…and you might not know it until it’s too late.

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In short, life with Leo can be very exciting, passionate, romantic and fun. Until it’s not. And when that happens, you can plainly see the difference.

36 thoughts on “Leo: The Perfect Sign for You

  1. sandy

    I am a virgo dating a Leo its the worst mistake….he is so cheap that when we are in the club and social gatherings he doesnt even buy a coke….where do you get the nonsense statement that they are generous….no way Jose…..I dumped him long time ago

    1. Kimberley Ray

      I think the leo men and Leo women are different. As are the lion and the lioness. Makes sense. My twin and I are leos as is my younger brother and he fits the male leo discription. My twin and I are definately lioness in the zodiac signs. Leo women are very loyal to a fault when they love some one and are determined and stubborn enough to make something work. Leo men tend to be a bit more easily persuaded. Leos love language however is not difficult to figure out as we need and will give affirmation. Physically as well as verbally. We love and desire physical touch. This is our love language. A touch on the back. Kiss on the forhead. A simple compliment will make us putty in your hands, if thats were already want to be, sometimes we just need to know you want us as much as we want you to want us….If that makes sense? What’s so simple to us is not always to other signs. People’s love language’s are different. If leo’s don’t get this kind of interaction.they start to feel as if the connection is no longer German there and their partner isn’t that into them or attracted to them so much anymore. We will not completely give up, we will try to get that spark or interest from their s/o back. If attempts are failed and the disconnect is still there. Then the leo will slowly back up and disengage. They will start to focus on themselves, more so then the other party. Instead of them seeking for attention they will emotionally &physicall begin to create space/withdraw, and start thinking about the possibility of an alternative future!

  2. Just Me

    I am a Libra…
    Married once (at far
    too young of an age)
    Engaged once after
    Dated a lot after my
    marriage ended…to
    learn…do research
    you might say…
    to get it right the
    second time…
    What do I know..?
    Other than my own life experience…I
    do seem to hit it off
    with Aquarius and
    Gemini…and I also
    do seem to often
    ‘end up’ with Aries…
    I’m drawn to Scorpio
    like a moth to a flame…and find the water signs so soothing usually…earth signs seem like father figures to me/or mentors…maybe a little stubborn…but steady is a good quality…I have loved me some earth signs..! Hmmm…what is a girl to do…I can’t decide…so I have stayed single…Anyone want to convince me..?!

  3. Kim

    I feel what you say about leo is accurate. I have been dating a leo for 2 years and it has been amazing. I am sooo in love with this man. I have never felt this way about a man in my life. I am always thinking about him. I feel he is my true love.

  4. Vicki futrell

    I am a Leo born 8-8 and I have yet to find that man for me. I married twice Taurus and a Libra and we were together 20 yrs and he died, he had deep issues.the Taurus was very selfish and cheap, and had a lot of women. The Libra had a chemical imbalance. I have been alone for 18 years, and may not ever find that man that can be strong for me and love me for me. I am a very nice person , generous loving. 62 yrs young and look in my 40’s and feel great.

  5. Rain

    Leo the Lyin’ is what they are. Not Lion, but lying their way through life. Hell- a Leo isn’t even

    honest with himself! Plus every one I’ve met is either a sex addict who lies about porn or an old pervert who has e.d. and can’t get it up.

    Give me an Aquarius, a Libra, a Capricorn or even a Sagittarius, but keep the Leo’s in their cages. Ego-maniacs. Lego’s. That’s ego and Leo combined.

    fuck off lyin’s

  6. Edith Tucker

    I am a Leo and my husband is a Leo. The marriage is very complicated. The stuff said about Leos are true. We do things even if we can”t afford it. Somethimg has to give soon.

  7. Robert

    Having read with interest all of the posts, I am a Leo born 30 July. Over the years I’ve spent a great deal of time studying the various “psychic/astro-related” sciences and have found that Western or Sun sign astrology holds only a part of the equation, particularly in terms of relationships and matters of the heart. The Lunar or Chinese aspects of astrology are of very real importance in considering relationship/heart related potentials between two people, and still more can be drawn from adding in specific numerological aspects for added insight and understanding.
    Often I’ve heard and read of Leo’s being described in terms of their firey, hot tempered, dictatorial, materialistic natures. I’ve also read and heard some who will say that Leo’s are not inclined to be nearly as faithful to their partners as some of the other signs, and frankly I would not agree with any of these things. At least for myself, I have a profound aversion to conflict of any kind and will take every possible step to avoid such things believing that in most cases nothing good or life affirming will come as a result of such conflicts. Apart from that much, I have had many who have very often stated that I commonly give of myself to the point of utter self sacrifice, and without regard for anything other than knowing another has in some way benefited as a result of whatever I may have said or done for and/or on his/her behalf. That as well is a core part of who and what I am as a human being and as a Leo.
    There is the potential within each and everyone of us to yield ourselves either to the positive or negative aspects which exist in the natures of our core beings, and we make those choices at any given moment. Much could well be continued in these and related matters, but in summing it all up, we are about far more than what is contained in a single “sign’ because we are far more complex than that alone. Namaste-

  8. Monica Squires

    I have been married to a Leo for 24 years and i am an Aries. Most of what is being said about Leos is true. They can be lovable but they also can be cut throat as anyone else can as well.

  9. Suzanne

    I am and always will be in love with Steve my leo we have been through a lot and at time we
    have put each other through more and any two people could stand He has hurt me and ripped my heart out but that still doesn’t stop the love I feel for him I wish I could stop loving him but you know what they say about you’re one true love it never dies

  10. Myra

    I am a virgo and I loved a man who is a leo man and he tore my heart and soul out of me I had never loved a man so much in my life as I did him he did every thing to me he could lied
    cheated and we fist fought so I wonder if that’s why I still love this man with all my heart even though we are no longer together at times I wish I could forget him but no luck there I have tried for the last eight years but he was not like that when we got together at first he was awesome I feel in love with the way he looked at me I knew he loved me and there was no one else and I totally loved him then came drugs and believe me they destroy my life was destroyed and the greatest feeling any one could ever have was destroyed and I haven’t been the same sense so how is leo my sign?

  11. MMG

    I’m a Leo woman and when we love someone, no one is more committed to the relationship than we are. We aren’t cheap, and very generous, at least Leo women are..We will love, and give it our all through the most difficult trials, but when we’ve had enough, it will be over and once we’re done, we’re done.

  12. John

    Leo, perfect match for a Virgo!!!! You all are out of your pea picking minds!!!! Ya’ll are as full of it as a Thanksgiving Turkey!!!! Been there done that!! You all are just plain Fucked up!!! Any one who recommends a Virgo spend time with a Leo mate should get the Psychic License revoked…

  13. Wyena Golden

    I want to know why fo dome leo are very vheat to their mste and what is a good sign for me cause I am a leo.

  14. kim

    My dad was a Leo and he was very nice to me. I liked his personality. I am a Cap so we are similar in personality. Michelle and Barack are Cap and Leo:)

  15. Betty

    Being a Leo I know this article is highly correct . Once you find the sould mate don’t let them get away .

  16. Gemini

    I have been dating a Leo for 6 mths. When I met him, we did discuss what we wanted
    in a life partner. And as we dated he did let me know that he did have some issues with
    personal and financial. I must say he is a hard worker and very dedicated to his goals.
    But, in the process neglects me. We did agree to date and see how things would go and
    as I said it is going well but, he does not call me often as a person who is interested would.
    We are attracted but, I can’t wait forever until he finishes his goals and studies. So, my
    search is on forever forward as they say.

  17. Mary

    can you help me tell me if im ever gone lovemy husband married 23 the ghost of my past love wont let me live please help me!

  18. l.J. MILEY

    You are right my Leo felt slighted after we had two sons, he took up with other women every chance he got. We stayed married 48 years tell his death from heart attach 6 years ago. I would never have another Leo

  19. Leonard Morgan

    Thank You for your emails….but optimum claims that your Email Address Is Not Correct, and will not send you back any Email that I request…lets see if this one makes it though. probably not….I have Emailed back to you Right Onto Your Own Email sent to me, that has your clear Email Address Right on it… but optimum online service sends it right back to me claiming your address is wrong, or improper… so what is the matter with your Email Address?????

  20. Araanza

    Hi there!! I’m a Leo woman and what this article says is, true,true,true!!!! There nothing you can hurt a Leo with but not paying attention!!! And when you’re careless, in a blink, she’s gone, and she’s not looking back!!!! But in love!! There no woman more loyal and committed than her!!!!?

  21. Connie Jaeger

    I am seeing a man and he is a capricorn. He is six years younger than I am. We seem to be getting along good and have excellent communication but I have a a trust issue because my past relationships have done me wrong. He works a lot of hours and is texting all the time when he is home. I would like to know if I am just wasting my time being I am 51 and he is 45. I look and feel a lot younger than I am. Thanks. Connie Jaeger

  22. Jeanne Luttrel

    I have been with 2 Leo’s and they have been the worst match for me. I am sure Leo’s and Virgos do not get along!

  23. Kathleen Kordas

    I am the sign of the Aquarius born on 2/18/57, 4:15pm and I am feeling a little lost right now with my work of (Executive Assistant) and my part-time work (Hair Analysis Mineral Testing) and why would the universe send me a Virgo (Ken) who doesn’t have the same values as myself. I am waiting for my soul mate who is here on the earth and hope to meet this year.

    Thank you.

  24. Ed

    Thank you for this post. I don’t like the usual comments about the Leo sign, in that all Leos are arrogant and self absorbed.
    I find your analysis to be closer to how I face life.
    Thank you

  25. jane

    Im happy of wat i’ve received coming from ur article..i was so satified of my horoscope result everyday..keep it up!!


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