6 Confidence Boosters

Get Excited and Get Confident With These Simple Tricks!

Maintaining healthy self-esteem can be a tricky balancing act. All too often we can fall into bad habits that slowly erode our inner confidence. Here are a few constructive suggestions to combat this destructive behavior!

1. Accomplish a Goal

Establish your own challenge—a realistic task that utilizes your strengths and skills. It’s hard not to feel good about yourself with the sense of accomplishment you feel after a job well done!

2. Maintain Positive Relationships

Surround yourself with and nourish those friendships that boost your self-confidence. You should have friends in your life who appreciate and love you, not ones who judge or criticize. Sometimes you can fall into these negative patterns with friends, family members or coworkers and not be aware of it. Take a moment to reflect on the dynamics of your relationships, then foster the supportive ones and kick the destructive ones to the curb!

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3. Learn a Craft/Trade

Expanding your knowledge and abilities is extremely self-empowering. The more tools you acquire in life, the more capable you will feel and be in the eyes of others as well as in your own.

4. Accept Compliments

There is an art to taking a compliment with grace, receptiveness and sincerity. Instead of scoffing at another’s admiration and praise out of shyness or self-deprecation, allow their appreciation of you to soak in. You are worthy of these kind words and thoughts, so allow those compliments to boost you, especially in times of self-doubt.

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5. Limit the Apologies

Constant apologizing is another form of self-defeating behavior. While occasional apologies are appropriate when you are indeed in the wrong, some people get into the habit of apologizing for everything they do. When you begin apologizing for your every behavior and action, you are essentially apologizing for your very existence. Clearly this is an extremely unhealthy thought pattern and a habit which you must break yourself of immediately.

6. No Overanalyzing

Thinking things through leads to conscientious, intelligent choices. Overthinking will put you in a mental and emotional rut, leaving you guessing yourself at every turn. Commit to a reasonable amount of time to mull over the situation at hand, then act, trusting in yourself and intuitions.

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    Had I known it four years before when I was selected as the head of my university’ s English department in a very remote area things would have been entirely different…….!


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