Psychic Hayden: Learn to Trust Your Psychic Abilities

Getting a Hold of Your Developing Psychic Skill

In my experience working with psychic development students, one of the biggest obstacles they have when it comes to increasing their own psychic awareness is learning to trust themselves.

Trusting the self is not something which develops easily. As humans, it’s almost as if many of us constantly second-guess our feelings, hunches and psychic experiences, wondering, “Is that real” or “Did I just make that up?” The problem with self-doubt is that it acts to destroy psychic awareness,  much in the same way that consistent self-doubt will destroy great possibilities in general.

A mentor once told me, “You can’t be both a psychic and a paranormal investigator.” The reason for this is that a psychic must be so tuned in and aware of themselves that they never second-guess the information they are receiving. This is different from a paranormal investigator who must have some doubt and skepticism in order to conduct their research. It’s a different mindset than most of us are use to.

Unfortunately, for many of us we are taught by a parent, authority figure, spouse or even a group that we should doubt our own intuitive feelings. We learn it’s better to ask another and trust what they say. The truth is, that nobody will ever know you like you’ll know yourself and thus the sooner you can learn to trust your own intuition the sooner you’ll discover that life just naturally “flows” for you.

In instructing various students over the years I have learned that one of the first steps one must take if they desire to increase their psychic awareness and this inner trust is keeping a psychic awareness journal. A private journal where any and all thoughts, feelings, dreams, visions, guesses, hunches and coincidences are kept. It is through this journal (especially in reviewing it week after week) that many students start to realize just how accurate their intuitive abilities are becoming. They learn how much their psychic selves are growing and they also learn to trust those psychic gifts more.

The second thing that helps to increase this awareness factor is meditation. It is through meditation that one learns to still the mind and, more importantly, to focus the mind. When a person can learn to focus their mind they can learn very quickly the difference between “self-thoughts” and “non-self thoughts.” Non-self thoughts are the psychic impressions one receives whereas the self-thoughts are the inner doubts about such impressions that we’re conditioned to have.

Meditation doesn’t have to be time-consuming or hard. It all starts with relaxation. If a person can’t relax, they certainly won’t be able to meditate. So besides keeping a journal of psychic events, it’s also important to set a self-date hour or one hour out of the day that is your hour. During this hour you should make it very clear that you are not to be disturbed and you should use it to primarily relax and do something you enjoy. During the last 10 minutes of that time it’s important to spend those moments focusing on your breathing. Follow the breath in and out and discover your body’s natural rhythm.

A person will be amazed at how much sharper their mind, emotions and psychic awareness are by simply following through with these two fun, yet important exercises.

10 thoughts on “Psychic Hayden: Learn to Trust Your Psychic Abilities

  1. Edn Poole edna Poole

    I once was very psychic and had healing hands. was guided by another psychic but I was not prepared to what it was; like at that time and I backed out. I am now more mature and I would like to get back to become psychic again, have the healing hands, if possible. I had several psychic episodes in my life. can you help? Want to accept myself. Want to do meaningful meditation, healing. . Please will you help.

    Edna Poole

  2. Cynthia

    I would like to know my spirit guides and communicate with them, but at the same time the idea of hearing voices scares me. I know they are loving and kind and would do me no harm but for some reason it’s spooky to me. Any ideas on how to overcome this fear of becoming clairaudient?

  3. Alexandra

    Good article and encouragement for me that knowing I have that gift, I mostly question
    myself over and over, except when my insights and revelations come to pass or realize
    I have helped someone or that people confirm my “visions” or messages. I have experienced
    that since I was a young child and started “seeing” things. I use my gift gratuitively
    when I believe the individual has no knowledge of that gift or been “consulted” so I don’t feel overwhelmed by people that have experienced or have knowledge of my “gift” I got
    over burned at such time when people would stop me upon public encounters to ask to “read” them or tell them what I get for them. It happened some years ago and I “hid” my talent, though I know it is still latent.

  4. Vince

    Thank you Hayden for the insight, just know that thanks to your advice I will reach my goals sooner. Thanks again…

  5. aliza

    I love the reinforcement of trusting your inner voice and making time to ground and center yourself through meditation. Great article!

  6. Gayle

    I’ve learned through my own life experiences to trust my intuition, as my gut instincts are rarely, if ever wrong.

  7. Hassiba x5818

    Great advice, Hayden. Even professional psychics go through self-doubt sometimes, so it’s nice to be reminded that we really CAN trust ourselves and our intuition.

  8. Genevieve

    Hayden what you are saying so True. We all have Spirtual Gifts, But paying attention to our enterselfs is the Key. So many people are so busy, that they don’t take the time to be aware of their surroundings.


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