Simplifying Our Relationships

The Three Stages of Communication

Relationships can be so complicated. Or at least we tend to make them so. Whether we are embarking on a new relationship, or have been in one for some time, or if a relationship is coming to an end.

So why do we complicate things with complex and sometimes unnecessary communication? I suppose the answer is because we are human. This is where animals have really got it sussed. They work purely on emotion and instinct, and there is never any doubt or misinterpreted messages. In other words what you see is what you get.

So how can we be more like animals and communicate in such a way as it removes the doubt? If human verbal communication was removed that might help, but how many people would struggle just using non-verbal or body language to express themselves fully. Most I expect. It is said that 93% of our communication is transmitted by body language, and in today’s world probably 90% of this is missed. People rely on “words” to express their feelings and emotions, and the emphasis placed on those words to relay a need or a want or desire to another person.

However have you ever considered that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it? Or maybe even it’s not what you hear; its how you hear it. For example; you ask a friend “How are you today?” to which they reply, “Fine.” Depending on how they say the word ‘Fine’ will tell you exactly how they are feeling, or depending on the space you are in and how you hear the word may be saying how you feel as opposed to what you asked them.

In the Three Stages of Communication, I believe it is important to:

1. Hear the message

2. Receive the message, and if necessary

3. Repeat the message.

And in a relationship this can be all important. There is a difference between listening and hearing. You can be having a conversation with someone and but then they are speaking you are totally focused on something else, the radio or the TV are good examples. How many times have you said to a partner “Have you heard a word I have been saying?” In this modern world and being surrounded by tools that are supposed to help with communication, it feels like it has become harder to get a message across. With the advent of even more complex cell phones, iPads, computers etc. it is now even quicker to send a message to someone, but how many times are the feelings that a text message is written with, for example, lost because the recipient just “reads” the words.

So to “hear” the message says you are in the same space as the other person. To “receive” the message says you can feel the energy it contains. But if you are still in doubt then “repeat” the message so it is not being misinterpreted.

This is where a psychic reading can come in to its own. A psychic is able to take a step back and see the situation from a disconnected view. Psychics are able to feel the emotion that a text message was written with. How? Simply because when something is written, the person had to be putting their feelings in to the words they used. Hence a psychic can help you to fully understand what the message was trying to convey. And in relationships this is really important.

So how can we help? If in doubt… Ask.

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