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Cleansing Your Space - DIY Spirituality | California Psychics

Cleansing with Sage and Homemade Cleaner

Smudging a space with sage has been used to remove negative energy for centuries, and science has even proven that sage smoke is an excellent air purifier. So while we all continue to practice social distancing to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic, light some sage and use the smoke to purify your home.

Another way to purify your home is to clean it with store-bought cleaners, many of which are in short supply right now. Fortunately, you can make your own with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Watch the video below for how to make DIY cleaner, and on how to properly smudge your home.

*We hope these tips are helpful in managing your every day well-being. None of these tips are intended to provide best practices or suggestions on how to sterilize your space during these unusual times. Please refer to the CDC website for details.

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  1. Sherbi

    This is so uplifting especially in these crazy time of fear and uncertainty . Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your knowledge . It is sooo appreciated .


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