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Health is something we all take for granted – until we lose it! Whether it’s to a common cold or something far more serious, it usually takes illness to acknowledge how important physical well-being is in our day to day lives. Ask anyone who’s been sick for any length of time and they’ll probably tell you if there was something they could have done differently to prevent prolonged illness, they would have done it, gladly.

Simply put, being sick on any level sucks. And unfortunately, it’s not always preventable. But if you’re looking for a way to boost your life force, to increase your energy and improve your general state of well-being, consider the advice of the ancients. The Chinese art of Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries and it offers some tips for improving – or maintaining – your health!

Plants and flowers
According to the experts, one of the best ways you can encourage your own state of well being is to surround yourself with life energy. Fresh flowers and plants will work wonders for your mind, body and spirit in this tradition. And Feng Shui practitioners recommend that you put plenty around the house and yard (or whatever space you’ve got). Just be sure to keep them healthy. Dried flowers are considered bad for your energy (after all, they’re dead) and may allow you to stay trapped in old energy or hold onto old patterns that are making you sick in some way (or at least not letting you blossom). Same goes for dying or wilting plants. Silk flowers, on the other hand, will do the trick, especially if you have an allergy or can’t spend weekly on the fresh stuff, but the idea is to surround yourself with life force, so obviously, live plants are optimal.

Animal magnetism
If you really want to take this up another notch, Feng Shui experts recommend getting a pet. A dog, cat, or whatever other house-appropriate animal will help to stimulate your energy and re-root you. They are champions of people who love unconditionally, which naturally generates even more positive energy in your home and in your life.

By now, most of us are familiar with the soothing quality of scents. There are “scentual” cures for every ailment, and the Chinese recommend that those seeking to improve their overall health use incense and aromatherapy candles regularly. Not only can smells have an actual, physical healing effect on us, but the calming energy of a welcoming home is only enhanced by pleasing aromas. By taking the time to surround yourself in health-promoting properties (energetically scents do qualify) you welcome well-being and optimal health.

Go green
You’ve heard the saying green with envy, right? Well in Feng Shui tradition, that would be green with healthy, since green is the color of health. Like many other groups, the Chinese believe that certain colors can promote health and spirituality. Green, in particular is said to soothe and replenish the soul, and they suggest that those who are ailing or simply concerned about health wear it often and place it in key areas of their homes. Likewise, they believe that wearing pink melts anger, donning yellow stimulates the mind and putting on a little something blue promotes tranquility. Note which areas you feel you could use a little help with and dress accordingly. You may find yourself on the sunnier side of things when the day is done!

Down the drain
In Feng Shui tradition, bathrooms can drain your health and your finances. To prevent this from happening, not only is it advisable to decorate your bathrooms in earth tones (“to figuratively dam the leak” as one expert puts it), but make sure you fix any leaky faucets (inside and out) and always turn the water all the way off! Likewise, put the toilet seat down when you leave the room. You don’t want to flush your money – or your well being – down the toilet!

All about the message
Like all things, you need to pay attention to your body if you want to be healthy… and you need to send that message to the universe as well. In Feng Shui tradition, most attributes to a life well-lived have an area of the house dedicated to them. Health finds its home in the left-center section of each room and (if you have a yard) in the left-center section of your property (considered when standing at your front door). Make sure this area is tended to. The health area of your home should not be cluttered in anyway, nor should it be the place you store garbage of any sort. On the other hand, your health center shouldn’t be completely empty either! Plants and other green items are highly recommended inhabitants of your health space.

Whatever you decide, put energy into maintaining this area of your home, and watch your energy levels increase – a key component to lasting health and a life well-lived!

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