Bring Out The Huntress

Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt, fertility and childbirth, bears all the qualities of the prehistoric mother goddess from whom she may have originated — strong, independent, adventurous, creative, destructive. Diana might seem contradictory — fierce and loving, creative and destructive — much like the Hindu goddess Kali; but like this Divine Mother, Diana’s opposites create a whole, representing the complete circle of creation and destruction in the world.

Fascinating and vastly interesting, the mythology of Diana bears qualities that can deepen and enlighten our human experience even today. As you learn about Diana, you will likely find yourself free-associating about your own life and experiences. You can channel Diana’s powerful, adventurous, creative and protective energy into your life. Here’s how!

Warrior Woman
As a huntress goddess, Diana is the protectress of woodlands and wild animals, but also hunts and kills them. In her mythology, Diana is said to hunt by moonlight, guided by the moon, which represents her intuition and the wisdom of nature. Diana is often depicted with an archer’s bow and is accompanied by a deer and sometimes hunting dogs, as well as many nymphs who act as her aids. She represents a woman’s warrior spirit, as well as nature in all its beauty and chaos.

Channel the Warrior Woman: Women are often taught that being sedate, passive and obedient is their true nature, but they are much more complex than this. Diana can inspire women to reclaim the wild, warrior aspects of their nature; to embrace their intuition (their true nature); to hunt by moonlight.

Virgin Protectress
Like her Greek counterpart Artemis, Diana was given the gift of eternal chastity. She protects women and girls, especially virgins. As such, Diana represents virginal autonomy and independence. In the myth of Actaeon, a hunter who came upon the goddess bathing naked in the woods, Artemis, intolerant of any mortal seeing her splendid nakedness, transformed him into a stag and sent his own hunting dogs to kill him. Talk about protectiveness!

Channel the Virgin Protectress: While we certainly don’t recommend destroying those who make unwelcome advances (we’ll leave that to gods, goddesses and judges!), we do recommend that women protect themselves from physically and emotionally abusive situations. As more laws are passed to protect women and punish aggressors, more women are learning how to defend themselves. Whether it’s a self-defense class, saying “No,” mustering the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship or asking for what you want in a relationship, channeling Diana can help inspire you to stand up for yourself.

Creative Force
At the same time, Diana was worshipped as the giver of fertility and easy births. In the myth of her birth, she was born painlessly to her mother, and then helped her mother deliver her twin brother Apollo. Diana is also a creative force, bringing forth life into this world.

Channel the Creative Force: Fertility and childbearing are incredible gifts, but they are not the only ways women can be creative. Every moment is a creative opportunity. Diana inspires women to be creative in all aspects of their lives, especially in their relationships. Diana reminds women they have much to offer!

Light and Dark
While Diana is associated with Luna, a moon goddess, bringing forth light and guidance, she is also associated with Hecate, Queen of Ghosts, another wilderness goddess associated with the dark underworld and sorcery.

Channel the Light & Dark: When we accept that both light and dark forces, both life and death, reside within us, then we embrace our human condition and can live more fully in the moment.

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