Chakra Foods

While most of us usually associate our chakras with spiritual, mental, and emotional development, they’re also physical places on our bodies that require actual nutritional nourishment. Translation? We can use foods to feed our energy centers and improve chakra health, increasing wellness all around.

Check out the following list to see what foods improve which chakras:

Root Chakra
Located at the base of the spine, this energy center is associated with grounding. In other words, feeling present in your body and in the moment. When it’s out of alignment, we may experience depression, low back pain, or immune system issues (you know, that constant cold that you just can’t kick). To feed your Root Chakra, try root veggies like potatoes, parsnips, and beets or protein-rich foods including eggs, meats, and peanut butter. In addition, you can fire it up with horseradish or cayenne pepper.

Sacral Chakra
Got control issues? Odds are, you’ve got a blocked sacral chakra. Located in your lower abdomen, this is the energy center in charge of creativity, sexuality, and the ever-illusive ability to ‘let go.’ Among others, problems in this area may manifest as decreased (or excessive) libido or sciatica, as well as obsessions related to money or power. To increase energetic flow to your sacral chakra, enjoy sensuous fruits like melon, mango, strawberry, and coconut. Snack on protein-rich nuts (specifically almonds and walnuts), season with sweet spices like vanilla or cinnamon, and enjoy breads with seeds, such as caraway and sesame.

Solar Plexus Chakra
It’s all about ego — the solar plexus, that is. If you’ve got self-esteem issues (and that means being haughty, as much as it does being insecure), your Solar Plexus could probably use some adjusting. This is the chakra of gut instincts — and it’s located right at your center. Eating disorders, indecisiveness, stomach issues, and adrenal imbalances all indicate issues with your Solar Plexus. To improve the health of this chakra, aim for fibrous foods that aid in digestion, like granola, flax seed, and whole grain pastas and breads. In addition, seek out soothing foods like milk and yogurt, and healing spices like ginger, mint, cumin, and fennel.

Heart Chakra
Emotional empowerment is found in this chakra, which is why it is the space affected by heartbreak, hurt, and general emotional upset. All of us have a ‘wounded child’ side at some point, when our Heart Chakra needs healing. Heart conditions, upper back and shoulder problems, and jealousy are all associated with trouble in this energy center. To open your heart chakra (and literally get things flowing — this is the chakra in charge of circulation), sip green tea, enjoy foods seasoned with basil, cilantro, and parsley, load up on iron-rich leafy veggies like spinach, kale, and dandelion greens, and make a squash or broccoli soup.

Throat Chakra
Self-expression is governed by the throat chakra. As such, if you’re not speaking your truth, you may find problems like sore throats, mouth ulcers, thyroid conditions, and addiction rearing their heads. Found exactly where it says it is, this is the chakra associated with self-knowledge and personal truth — two areas in which many people feel stifled. To soothe a tender throat (and throat chakra), express your truth (and remove any penchant for deceit) and increase your intake of all liquids (water, fruit juices, and herbal teas). Snack on tangy fruits like grapefruit and kiwi (get a double dose by adding lemon or lime to your water) and go for foods seasoned with salt or lemongrass.

Brow (Third Eye) Chakra
Wisdom is associated with this, the mind-center chakra located between the eyebrows. When open and healthy, it is the energy center geared toward learning from our experiences and putting them in perspective. Healthy Brow Chakra function allows us to separate reality from fantasy. Brain tumors, strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, panic, and depression are all indications of blockage in this chakra. To fuel your third eye fire, go for dark-fleshed fruits like blueberries, red grapes, and blackberries, as well as red wine and grape juice. Poppy seeds, lavender, and mugwort are also beneficial.

Crown Chakra
Located at the top of the head, just like a crown, this chakra is used to communicate with our spiritual nature. Often pictured as a lotus flower, the Crown Chakra represents our ability to experience awakening — via our own intuition. Chronic exhaustion, sensitivity to light and sound, and lack of purpose/loss of identity are all associated with blockages here. To decrease difficulty and connect to your highest good via this chakra, consider fasting and detoxing. In addition, look into burning smudging herbs like sage, copal, myrrh, frankincense, and juniper.

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  2. mansour mozafari

    I,m a Vata-Pitta type with underweight(probably Kapha reduced).So,i can,t eat bitter foods or spices.would you please tell me what kind of vegetables shoulld i use accompany with fats,proteins(meat,cheese,nuts)and weat bread for best digestion(and specialy reducting pitta)?
    thank you;
    with regards;
    M.Mozafari IRAN-TEHRAN


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