Predictions for the Decade

My guides describe the next decade as an “awakening.” According to them, “The human race will ascend itself above all illusions and come to the understanding that only love is the one true emotion of the universe. There will no longer be a veil between the physical and spiritual world. Humanity will come to see that what one does affects the All.” – From The Five

There are major changes coming for the year 2012, but not the chaos that everyone is expecting. According to the Angels, there will be a significant increase in the spiritual awareness of our world. They describe it as a coming together of humanity as a whole, although there will be bumps in the road, most will have opened up their minds enough to move through these areas with ease.

Our theme will be “The Spiritual Revolution,” not because of a war that is coming, but because of the unification that will take place. There will be a new understanding of how much we truly impact each other.

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