Dating Two Mr. Wrongs

“Grow or suffer,” says Phillip ext. 9485, who has been studying Astrology and reading charts for the past 25 years. “We each have a particular mission to accomplish in life, but many people settle with what they have because they’d rather be safe than venture into the unknown. But without risk you really are not living.”

Philip shared this important belief with Meredith (not her real name), a nurse from California who had called to discuss a dilemma she was facing.

“I am torn between two men in my life. I am really confused. I don’t know which one I should be with,” she questioned.

In a matter of minutes, it became evident to Phillip that this Taurean with a Pisces Moon had come into this life to let go of some seriously dis-serving habit patterns.

Meredith explained that her husband had cheated on her many times throughout the course of their 13-year marriage. She kept on forgiving him, but he kept on straying. Eventually she, too, met another man and had an affair of her own. And now, her lover was demanding she leave her husband.

According to Philip, Meredith had a lot of weaknesses in her personality. She had a bad habit of giving up parts of herself, so others would like her.

“Meredith was a people pleaser. But neither of these men cared about what was important to her. They cared about themselves, and here she was agonizing about what to do without really tuning into herself. Instead, she acted like a doormat because that’s what she was used to. It hurt, but it was familiar.”

She kept drawing people into her life who took her for granted and made unreasonable demands. Ironically, these men offered her the opportunity to grow and become forceful in her expressions.

“It’s time for you to stop taking crumbs just because that’s what you’ve been doing life after life. What do you want, Meredith? It’s time to get to know you without any distractions. Do you even love these men?”

He then advised her to break up with both of them. They symbolized her old self.

Meredith broke down in tears. She got it. Philip was absolutely right. She needed to grow out of this pattern. When she was honest with herself, she admitted that she had only gone out with this other man because of her insecurities. She didn’t love him — she just wanted his attention. But neither of the men fulfilled her spirit.

Six months later, Meredith called back.

Philip could instantly feel that her energy had shifted. She had since filed for divorce, and she’d told the other guy to scram, too. Meredith was slowly waking up to her spirituality, sensuality, and confidence.

“I wanted to thank you. For the first time in my life, I am discovering what I want. I can’t say it’s been easy. Being alone is really scary for me, but it’s exciting, too. I feel like I am blossoming.”

“Meredith really wanted to make the energetic jump,” recalls Philip. “She wanted to live life to the fullest and reach her potential. And when you plunge into the abyss, the universe starts opening doors for you.”

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