Bad Habits By Sign

Libra: Shop ’til you drop
If you’re around most Libras for long, you’ll realize that shopping addiction is a very real thing. The original inspirations for the term “shopaholic,” many of these folks have every credit card in the book. Blessed with undeniably impeccable taste, their penchant for the finer things isn’t necessarily troublesome, though it can get them in trouble at bankruptcy court. Word is, however, that at its heart this behavior represents a quest for beauty. Simple but inexpensive pleasures, such as nature walks and museums, can quiet those balance seekers’ urge to splurge.

Scorpio: Stinging resentment
If you hurt a Scorpio – on purpose or without even meaning to – you may have an enemy for life. No one carries a grudge better than a scorpion, whose unfortunate tendency to cling to resentments sometimes crowds out love, happiness and trust. Self-care is key for this stinging sign – which can learn to let go of grudges once you soften their hearts. If you’re the one whose stinger’s been tweaked, try getting a massage every month. Writing in your journal each day will also do a lot to enable forgiveness.

Sagittarius: Brutal honesty
The archer sure knows how to hit a bull’s eye – only sometimes the target will be your soft spot! Sag’es are known for the habit of merciless truth-telling, and even the most well-intentioned archer will miss the mark with an inappropriate remark once in a while – so don’t say we didn’t warn you when you ask a Sagittarius if your butt looks fat in that pair of jeans. Of course, archers are also quick studies – and the best way for them to cultivate tact is by hitting the books. Once they study up on Miss Manners and their partners’ sensitivities, even the most honest Sagittariuses will be able to discern when keeping silent will be the optimal option.

Capricorns: Work, work, work
Hard work is always good work according to the goat – who is undoubtedly the world’s original grind. Afraid to loosen up for fear that poverty will set in the minute they stop working, the Capricorn’s best way to curb this tendency is to cultivate an appreciation of non-material blessings. Astrologers suggest keeping a gratitude journal, and enjoying even just a few minutes a day of relaxation, reflection or meditation. By learning to appreciate the present, goats can stop cutting vacations short for the sake of work!

Aquarius: Social distortion
Independence is a virtue… sort of! Water-bearers tend to get into the habit of creating completely self-sufficient lives, making it difficult for them to achieve intimacy. Because they are afraid that relationships will compromise their independence, they often have an aversion to settling down. Fortunately, a willingness to experiment is a true Aquarian virtue, so treating intimacy as an exercise in something new will allow the water-bearer to relinquish control – and engage in a fulfilling relationship.

Pisces: Drowning sorrows
It’s to be expected that the fish loves liquids. But when those liquids have a high alcoholic content, problems can ensue for the sensitive Piscean. Naturally, a twelve-step program can be of enormous benefit if a fondness for the grape and the grain have taken their course. But before things get that far, meditation and yoga are especially worthwhile for a Pisces, as they allow the fish to achieve relaxation and recreation in a healthier, more balanced fashion. After all, at day’s end nirvana is all these dreamers really ask for!

Aries: Always first in line
The aggressive rams like to be first. To that end, they have a habit of pushing to the front of the line in everything they do – sometimes quite literally. While the Aries’s aggressiveness can lead to their successes in life, it can also compromise their relationships. Experts suggest tapping into the ram’s more nurturing side. Involved with a ram? Give your Aries an animal or a plant, and see their selfishness subside.

Taurus: Pack rats
Ever known a hoarder? Odds are good that person was a Taurus. Being surrounded by all of their worldly possessions gives bulls a sense of security, but for those who share their space, it’s chaotic. To strike a happy medium, Taureans should go for storage systems that keep their stuff on display. Stacking baskets, glass jars and open shelving can promote organization while allowing the stubborn bull see the possessions that make them feel so at home.

Gemini: Chew on this
Whoever said idle hands are the devil’s plaything was probably a Gemini. Since the twins like to keep their hands busy at all times, it’s no surprise that they’re the nail biters in the zodiac. So if you know a Gemini (or are a Gemini) who had a tendency to bite, get in on the knitting craze. Or try carving – or beadwork. And for goodness sake, get regular manicures – even if you’re a guy! Tending to your hands will help you keep that nail-gnawing temptation at bay.

Cancer: Sweet surprise
Sure, they’re some of the sweetest people in the zodiac… but how do you think Cancers got that way? Sugar, of course! Perhaps to ward off crankiness, crabs love cookies – and candy. And ice cream. But while tempered indulgence is a-okay, too much dessert can take its toll on waistlines and energy levels. Experts tell us, however, that what Crabs are really after is some kind of oral gratification. Gnawing on healthful snacks such as dried fruit and sugarless gum should do the trick.

Leo: Show them the money
In fact, Leos show everyone the money – and that doesn’t have to mean cash. Whatever the Lion’s got is on display… front and center. And while it’s only natural that a sign so blessed with creativity and charm would like to flaunt it, the underlying neediness – the addiction to attention – can be draining for others to be around. Astrologers advise that learning to compliment others will bring Leos the praise they crave, while moving them off the “most obnoxious” list.

Virgos: Neat freak
Cleanliness is nice. Some say it’s even next to godliness. Certainly it was a Virgo who coined that phrase! The nit-picky Virgin sometimes compromises their own pleasure for the sake of perfection. But Virgo needs to learn that feeling good trumps looking good – any day of the week. By making time for a few minutes of messy fun each day (such as baking, painting or sculpting), experts say Virgos can overcome their fear of filth and learn to love the messier aspects of life – in perfect moderation, of course.

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