Alternative Ways to Use Gemstones

To continue my series on gemstones we will be looking at the alternate ways to reap the rewards of their many benefits. You might want to check out my past posts to make sure you’re getting the most out of this one, they are … For the Love of Gemstones, Benefits of Gemstones, and Gemstone Styling.

Besides necklaces, earrings and rings, there are many other ways to wear gemstones. In ancient times, warriors wore them in armbands. Today, women wear them as fashionable ornaments. Gemstones worn here should be those like Agate that promote courage and strength. Priests in Egypt would also ground Malachite into a mix that they would wear as eye shadow. It was their belief that this gemstone would promote their visionary powers. In some ancient cultures, gemstones like Amethyst, were frequently placed in the center of the forehead to help increase psychic powers.

Another good idea is to wear gemstones in belts. The gorgeous Turquoise belts popular in the Southwest are a good example of a beautiful item that is functional as well. Turquoise is known to promote relaxation. Other ideal stones for belts include Carnelian for motivation, Agates for energy, Bloodstone for healing, and Shells or Jasper for increased energy balance.

Other ways of incorporating gemstones into your life are hanging a gemstone around the mirror in your car. Something for protection, like Turquoise or Red Coral. If you use a computer a lot, don’t forget to place a Pink Quartz near it to help diffuse the machine’s strong energy fields. Agates and Petrified Wood are gorgeous as bookends, or desk ornaments. If you have an altar, put stones on it to enhance energies. Remember, just like in human beings, inanimate objects have the same left receptive side and right action side … so place appropriate stones for what you need to receive on the left, and what you would like to send out to the world on the right.

Medicine men would frequently carry pouches with healing stones such as Emeralds, Carnelian or Bloodstone. When creating a pouch, it is a great idea to use other earth energies such as silk, cotton, leather or metal wires for tying. The combination can create a strong vibration.

Above all when selecting gems, either from the earth, a rock shop, or individual seller, it is important to place the intended gemstone in your left hand. Leave it there for a while and feel the energies of the stone. Let your intuition be your guide … you will know if it’s right for you. Lastly, never take someone else’s advice – rather choose the stones that feel best for you.

Next we’ll talk about color harmonies in gemstones!

15 thoughts on “Alternative Ways to Use Gemstones

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  2. melinda

    im from the philippines and i believe in the power of stones/gemstones.
    the prob. is im not sure where to get the genuine or the true gemstones, asmany made of pastics here so nice that you can mistaken it for a true one, later to be found out it is made of plastic.
    if i am to buy at jewelry stores it is already mounted. all i want is just a plain stone.
    and can you tell me please what is the best stone to make a loved one come back.
    thank you for any advice

  3. Sophia

    Have been using gems for many years now.
    Can’t afford to own them all in Jewelery form so I take the stones for the day and wear them in my bra!
    One day a stone fell out at my feet and a handsome man picked it up puzzled and handed it back to me.
    Great moment
    Aloha, Sophia

  4. Brenda

    I’m curious about the connection of metal and gems. I wear yellow gold as any other metal or color makes my skin pale and “washed-out” looking. Does the metal used or color of the metal make a difference? For example, Turquoise is my birthstone and I only see it paired with silver. Would there be a different effect if it was paired with yellow gold?

  5. Nadina

    Thank you for the article, pls write more about gemstones – They really have a tremendous power and I have many cases to prove it. If you pls know any gemstone to make someone come back into your life?

  6. sush

    very nice article , but can anyone guide me i went to buy a slab of quartz crystal i got also so many points in it but it was dirty so the seller told he will clean but showing me tht crystal his finger got cut annd some of his blood came on the crystal so what does it means shuld i go fr tht slab still or my energies were so strong i wanted to know coz this is hurting in my mind soiince two days

    and i want to know the uses of lapiz lazuli pyramids

    many thankz
    hope to listen frm u guys soon

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  8. Ariel

    Hi Claylady,

    I was pleased to read your comment about your beautiful Black Tourmaline. It was kind to let the stone rest after all it’s protective work on your behalf. I felt quite touched by that stone. It’s a great idea to cleanse your stones frequently, particularly when enduring touch emotional times.

    Much luv & lite~!

  9. Ariel

    Hi Abigail,

    Thnx for your comments. Gemstones, such as with you, are barometers, helpmates, and beautiful, gracious friends~!

    Much luv & lite,

  10. Ariel

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thnx for your kind comments. Your story was quite interesting. I once helped a client find her husband by placing one piece of an identical rose quartz in the earth, and carrying the other piece. She did affirmations and visualizations, both when burying the quartz and when putting the second piece into a pouch. Turns out she found her husband a month later, and I was invited to her wedding.

    So I quite agree~~gemstones are real helpmates~!

    Much luv & lite,

  11. Claylady

    I agree, my stones pick me, but they are not just for me, they have a way of being for other people and I give them away, sometimes immediately, sometimes eventually. I always seem to have the right stone in my pouch for someone else’s need.

    I recently went through a very difficult period where I wore Black Tourmaline for protection. After the trial was over, it broke in half. That’s a alot of negativity it absorbed! I have since cleansed it and let it rest now.

  12. Jacqueline x9472

    Very informative article, loved it… I have Crystals hanging from my car all the windows in my home oh and lets not forget the amethyst in my money corner of my home, I believe in stones and the protection they provide.

    When I was struggling years back I was told to go to this pawn shop there was a piece of jewelry I was suppose to buy, when I went to the shop and instantly found this beautiful blue necklace, I knew that was the stone that I was suppose to have. I wore it always, knew it was for protection, I was also told that the man that I was going to marry would have the same stone, when I met my husband and he was moving in my home he handed me a photo and said that I take this photo of a man with me everywhere he is my guide, when I really looked at the photo this man had a necklace on that was the exact same stone as I had on, the stones even had the exact same lines running through.

    I love stones, they are truly your helpers.

    Thanks Ariel

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  13. Abigailx9570

    Great articles Ariel !! When ever I purchase a crystal I always let it choose me and then I will look up the crystal attributes and it is always what I need at the time. I also can move them, heat them up with energy from my hands and sometimes they blow off my body. Not so sure why that happens but sometimes it does. Last time I blew one off of me was when a spirit would not leave me alone and I was really not in the position to talk to it so it made its pressence known. LOL . Keep them coming I love them.

    Many Blessings

  14. Ariel

    Thnx & thnx, Gina Rose. I’m excited about writing this series, as it is so close to my heart~! I especially luv color, and can’t wait to write the next segment~!

    Your gemstone choices for your truck and purse are right on, as you know~!

    Much luv & lite,

    ps: I absolutely luv your “rose signature”~!

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ariel,

    VERY, VERY COOL article !!!!! I have a natural broken off ” spike ” of crystal quartz hanging from the inside mirror on my truck….and carry a bloodstone and malachite and a citrine in my purse.

    I just love your articles on gemstones……

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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