A Meditation to Create a Force of Attraction

When we speak of the “Law of Attraction,” we are indeed speaking of what metaphysicians refer to as a law that has been proven to work! In other words, you can attract what you desire into your life by putting that “picture, symbol, and image” out into the universe visually!

Not much experience with meditation? You can look it up on this site to learn the process. A quiet space and some alone time usually work the best. Some folks like to add gentle music or the sound of water trickling in a fountain, or maybe incense or oils for relaxation. The idea is to let your body relax to the point where you are able to lift up your thoughts away from bodily function, to more aesthetic pursuits.

I like to prepare for each session with a firm understanding and intent of what it is that I want to attract to my life. Find the highest good and the best results will follow. For instance, if you want to attract someone in particular, or if you want to influence someone else’s will, or choice, you may not be successful. The universe responds most to the highest frequency of thought. Wanting to control or influence another is a lower frequency. So think about how you can envision what it is you want to attract without asking to break anyone else’s will or desires. Let us use prosperity as an example.

I will write down a positive statement on paper, “I have enough and some to share,” and take that with me as I go into meditation. Sometimes I will even place it under my body. Now I have my intent. So by using deep breathing and body relaxation, I begin my journey with the visualization of golden light pouring over me. I see it filling up my body and shining out in an aura of gold around me.

Now we’re ready to begin the “transmission.” I visualize myself smiling, with money in my hands, making deposits into the bank, paying off bills. I see a peaceful energy around having enough money, and being able to share with others less fortunate (giving back is a HIGH frequency thought and deed). I visualize getting the things that need repair or replacement (new tires, car repair or replacement, new water heater or furniture). I picture it in my mind as if it is already happening!

I get up and write up my experience afterward. I roll it up and put a beautiful ribbon on it, and place it where I will see it most often. Every time I lay eyes on it, I send up a “spark” of energy to carry it “home,” again and again. Try it and let us know how it works for you!

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  1. bocadelcielobocadelcielo

    Yemaya, this is the best instruction on manifestation I have ever read! it came just as I have been searching for a method of practice. Coincidentally, the examples you used are exactly things I have needed to manifest. Did you read my mind, or did I manifest this? Either way, I now have a clear direction in which to proceed. Thanks for a great article!


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