Red Responds: Haunted by Memories

Audrey from Union asks:

I’ve recently realized that some memories I unknowingly suppressed are beginning to surface. I believe one of my worst fears has always been a reality. I don’t know if the memories are true, but something tells me they are very true. It’s affecting many aspects in my life. I need to confront the issue, but I feel that I need to be as clear as possible about what actually happened before I involve the people who I believe were in on this. Without going into details, I will tell you that I would be confronting my parents. Furthermore, I haven’t ever really had a healthy, happy relationship with anyone. I long for the day that I feel real true love, safety, and security. I feel that I’m approaching a time that will make things clearer for me. Do you have some insight that could help me reach a better place where I might finally be truly happy?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Audrey,

As a psychic, I get glimpses and flashes of information regarding your past. Out of respect for you, and your need for secrecy and privacy, I’m going to dance around the details in this response.

You’ve discovered, or begun to recall, some pretty vivid truths about your past. There are also blank spots, or lost chunks of time, that show up around you as well. Some of your memories are accurate, and some are colored. It’s as if your brain has created certain details in order for you to make sense of things. While not everything you’re remembering is completely clear or entirely accurate, the basic “storyline” is correct. Things weren’t any worse than what you’re remembering. Because your memories are surrounded by such raw emotion, it can be hard to discern the fact from flavor. The emotions attached to your experiences are accurate, valid, and real.

Your need to protect yourself has affected your adult relationships. Now that you’re older and stronger, these memories are surfacing, because you’re better equipped to deal with them. However, this isn’t something you should try and face all on your own. By finding the right therapist, you will be able to discover the truths in your memories, and have the proper support and assistance to confront your fears, anger, and parents.

I keep seeing a male psychiatrist, who is a heavy breather, most likely due to his being overweight. He has light eyes, and his hair and beard are heavily salted with gray. While he is an excellent hypnotherapist, he will not be in a hurry to hypnotize or regress you, even though that will eventually happen. I can’t say that you will actually like the guy, but you will recognize that he can help you, and you will trust him. He is the key to your healing. Not only will he help you get to the truth, but he will also guide you on when and how to confront your parents, and then help you through the aftermath. Six months of working with him will bring you to a place of freedom that it would take you years to get to on your own.

The sooner you find this therapist, the sooner you get your life back. Strength will replace fear, and peace will replace anxiety. While you may remain a bit hesitant to trust, especially when it comes to love, you will conquer that challenge, too. It’s because of your hard work and courage that the happiness and security you dream of will finally come to you.

Brightest Blessings


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2 thoughts on “Red Responds: Haunted by Memories

  1. Jackee Harris

    Thankful for this writer’s strength and that I should happen to have stumbled upon this response in this moment…not experiencing quite the same thing, but similar enough to feel deep gratitude towards both of you.
    Thank you to both Red and writer <3


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