5 Ways to Be Happy

Happiness can be so elusive. After all, one day something great may
happen – and the next, we could be down on our luck. So how do we stay
on that even keel despite our external circumstances? And what helps you keep an eye on maintaining your upbeat attitude – no matter what?

Here are five ways to make happiness your mission:

1. Think about what you need the most. Right now. Do you need some quiet time? A cup of tea? Maybe you need to read something uplifting – such as a blog post, or a spiritual passage – to lift your spirits…tsk tsk. Whatever it is, allow yourself to do it. Give yourself a few minutes, even if you’re in the middle of running errands, writing that memo, or paying your bills. Stop. Just do one pleasurable thing to rejuvenate yourself.

2. Burn one of your favorite candles. Or go buy a new one! Now sit, and watch the flame. Think about getting in touch with yourself, and your needs. Listen to that inner voice, without seeking the right answers. Be still.

3. Stop being a news junkie. Quit perusing the Web, and looking for that latest carjacking, murder, health care initiative, or traffic report. Just cut the cord for a day. One day – it will do your spirit good.

4. Start a daily appreciation log, or a gratitude journal. In particular, think of everyone in your life you’re grateful to, or grateful for. Why? Write down how they’ve changed your life, and what they’ve added to it. Add something or someone to the list every day.

5. Tap into the power of okay. Repeat this to yourself any time during the day that you have a negative thought: “Everything is as it should be. I am okay.”

Do you have any happiness hints of your own? Have you tried any of these suggestions? Share them with us!

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