5 Ways to Be Happy Roundup

Our article, 5 Ways to Be Happy, received an overwhelming number of comments from readers eager to share their experiences. Take a look at what our readers are saying:

“Just stop and smell the roses. Take a moment to take a few deep breaths and look around for what pleases you. A tiny little flower that’s growing in the crack of the sidewalk, a cat stretched out and sleeping in the sun. Have a child-like sense of awe when you see something that’s amazing. Don’t try to figure out how, just enjoy it.”


“Sometimes I just go to sleep as I know the feeling of what a difference a day makes!

And, I never forget to smile or laugh as the chemical reaction does me good!”


“1. Learn to accept what we have and forgive each individual you know, even yourself and people you are in touch with in your daily life.
2. Have hope and faith in the society and humankind.
3. Think positive. It’s in your hands to love yourself, be healthy, and make your life less complex.
4. Patience and perseverance pays off.
5. Smiling and laughter are the best medicines for all of the diseases of the world.
6. Look in the mirror and see what you and others want to see — that is a happy go lucky person.”


“When someone says something negative, say to yourself, “Not me, not today.” Let every cell of your body know you will not be a part of the negativity.

Know that if we are here for a reason, and everything happens for a reason, then each feeling and circumstance we are faced with each moment is for our learning and growth. Therefore, each moment we are perfect and “our “ world is perfect for us to learn, grow and migrate – how wonderful is the universe to love us so much that it creates the “perfect” moment for us.

Each moment know that each of us is a “divine creation of the source of divine creation.” We are a source of abundance, not lack, and each realization of this brings the abundance to us and makes it a song for Spirit to sing, to ourselves and others. Go with the gratitude of this knowledge of love and shine for yourself, and everyone as the gift you are.”


5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Be Happy Roundup

  1. john

    I want to thank all you people for so much with the wisdow and reminder of all the blessings that are all around are every day life that are here to enjoy, by having curiosty, karma,the good kind lol, may we all have peace and happiness and share positive experience s that we all need. ..

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