Energy Healing with Psychic Genessa

I have been blessed (cursed?) with a nervous disposition. I have a tendency to camp out in my head and create hypothetical scenarios that never do turn out to be the disaster situations I imagine. Why am I like this? How can I get out of my head? Sometimes the answer is in energy and karmic healing.

I searched the California Psychics website for a psychic that specializes in karmic healing and was pleased to find Psychic Genessa ext. 5233.

When she answered the phone, she immediately honed in on my stress. I agreed and simply told her that I had a lot of life changing events happening at once and needed help relieving the tension. Genessa asked me to breathe deeply and close my eyes. She explained that while we were talking she was carefully sending water energy to flow inside.

The cleansing process is all about dissolving blockages to energy. I started to feel a gentle pulsating in my head and felt a strange sensation that I wasn’t used to — relaxation! Genessa explained that she focused swirling bits of energy to move from my heart up through my head. I told her about the pulsating feeling and she said that she sensed that I just think way too much and the pulsating signified release.

“In past lives you were scared and that definitely translates to this lifetime. What people don’t understand is that most karma is really minor. You only get “bad karma” when you are willfully harming others. You have to make a conscious effort to release that baggage… don’t push it away, it’s there for a reason, you must simply let it go,” Genessa advised.

Just like therapy or acupuncture, it is not all dissolved in a session. After the relaxation I experienced, I will definitely be calling Genessa back to work on these issues more.

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