5 Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Psychic Quinn Shares How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Could your self-esteem use a boost? The ups and downs of life can really take their toll on a person, can’t they? One minute things are going well and you’re feeling great! The next minute one thing after another goes wrong and that’s got you feeling pretty low. Well, here are five tips to get you feeling good, no matter what the universe throws your way. Here are five tips to boost your self-esteem!

Use Your Talents

Each of us has a special ability or talent. When looking for a lift, indulge in your talent to make your energy soar and your spirit sing. Create a picture, write a poem or simply put your thoughts down on paper. Make a scarf or a handmade card for a loved one. Letting your talent shine will reveal your creativity to yourself and boost your self-esteem.

And if you need some one-on-one attention, know that I am always here to help you start feeling better about yourself!

Accomplish a Goal

Choose one goal that you would like to cross off your oppressive to-do list and do it! You will find that with each accomplishment, regardless of size, you will find yourself one step closer to becoming a master at life. Accomplishing goals is a surefire way to boost self-esteem!

Body Image Review

Feeling out of sorts by your reflection in the mirror? Pull out your favorite outfit, slip it on and give yourself a good look over. Find a part of your body that you love, be it your skin, hair, or knees and treat your favorite body part to some love. Splurge on a new shampoo, facial or body lotion. When the body feels good, the spirit follows.

Build Your Confidence

Try something new. Dare yourself to be brave. Often, all it takes to boost your confidence is to fly solo for a bit. Treat yourself to a movie or out to eat at a new restaurant. Get a one-day pass to a local gym and exercise to get the oxygen flowing. Doing something special for yourself can clear your mind and enrich your daring nature.

Be in on the Joke

It’s okay to laugh at yourself. In fact, having a good laugh is often the best way to immediately boost your spirit. If it takes a funny book, movie or TV series to get your giggle on, go for it. Calling your best friend to talk will bring some fun to your day too. Laughter is the best medicine on so many levels, so don’t be afraid to embrace it!

Call Me

I’m here for you, whenever you need me. As a psychic, nothing makes me happier than helping my callers achieve their goals, whether it be getting a new job, relationship or teaching them how to love themselves more. I want you to know you’re perfect just the way you are and you should feel great about yourself. I sincerely mean it and I want you to mean it to. Call me and we can work on boosting your self-esteem together!

12 thoughts on “5 Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

  1. Zoraida Fonseca

    Thanks you my Friend, I am Happy I love my Uriel Archangel, I toking him to help with my Boy Friend, but I have Problems to him. Thanks I Was born on Sept. 24, 1954. In. Nicaragua. And boy Friend 01/08/1958. Thanks.

  2. Ruth Ann Gristy

    Thank you for the 5 tips. I will give a try, because I really need a boost a lot. My husband and I have been having a lot of problems. I’ve been really depressed a lot lately. I take medicine for it, but I don’t think anything is going to help till I find more confidence in myself. I have suffered depression most of my life and have always felt insecure. I feel these tips will a lot. Counselors don’t help any at least not for me. Thank you and God Bless.


    omg, you really hit it !!! I feel like SOMETIMES I CANT TAKE ANY MORE Rough times,

    I need everything to change fast, like a new job ……

  4. Leonard Morgan

    Thank You. Morse code operator in service, 1953,long time ago. Got an S.O.S. morse code msg from Navy Ship, I took message, showed their location, near our base, and I helped to save their lives that day, but their morse code was Sky_High LOUD, that hurt my ears, called Ringing in the Ears back then, at Andrews A.F.B. 3 months later, Changed me to Clerk Duty Because of the Hearing Disability condition, ON RECORD TOO, With Inner Ears Damaged Severe;ly too. Did not know that until V.A.M.C. Inner Ears MED. Specialist pinpointed it in 2,000 to that 1953 USAF event, they called it. But damaged my Health Condition considerably, with Inner Ears Hearing with Tinnitus Hearing Aids too…But intentional cheating going on behind the scenes due to my usaf disability condition, and appears like dishonesty being done behind the scenes on purpose is Very Discouraging and, Disappointing to me. What Can I Do About It Though? Thank You Too. Len. Morgan

  5. mary ann markmann

    I cannot believe how right on you are about todays message. Thank you. I am in the midst of alot of conflicts within myself. I wish I could afford to speak with you one on one. I already have a therapist.I appreciate this site and the fact that I am getting these for free. Maybe someday I can afford otherwise. In the meantime thank you and God Bless. Mary Ann Markmann

  6. suneel kumar


    iam looking for new job , not happy with cuurent job as no appreciation though we work hard, kindly help me fetching new job.

    i was born on 1981 nov 5th in india


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