Harness the Energy of the Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox: The First Day of Spring

The first day of spring (the Vernal Equinox) also marks the start of a new year—astrologically speaking. It’s the first day of Aries—the first sign of the zodiac. A Fire Sign symbolized by the Ram (a powerful initiator), Aries is the very definition of starting fresh. On that note, whatever you give your energy to at this point in the calendar is bound to take flight. So be careful what you focus on!

Here are three tips for maximizing the energy of this potent influence:

Give Yourself a Clean Slate

Whatever has led you to this point is great information. It will show you what has worked and what hasn’t. That said, this is an ideal opportunity to release (literally or symbolically) whatever it is you feel has been holding you back. Take stock of the previous 12 months, identify how you’ve changed, grown and succeeded as well as any shortcomings you feel you’ve had or any areas that need improvement. Then, set the intention to move forward from this point. Remember, intentions are particularly powerful during this influence.

Know What You Want

Conscious creation requires consciousness. Sounds obvious, but so often we lose sight of that fact and wander aimlessly, wondering why diffuse ideas aren’t manifesting. It’s because you need to be specific in order to manifest! With that in mind, consider that the days leading up to the Vernal Equinox are an ideal time to tap into your dreams. You can utilize the remaining energy of imaginative Pisces (along with the previously mentioned reflection) to conjure a vision of your ideal life moving forward. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to focus on creating it.

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Make a Three-Month Plan

Okay, so it’s an astrological new year, but it’s also the beginning of a quarterly cycle. It’s an idea time to consult your psychic astrologer for a personal plan. But on the broader spectrum you can count on the fact that energies will shift again with the Summer Solstice in June (and then again come September). With that in mind, rather than setting out to plan 12 months, consider the next 90 days. Odds are good you’ll need until the Autumnal Equinox (the harvest) to see the full fruits of your labor, but you will be able to assess your progress clearly come June and make some warm weather tweaks!

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