20 Journal Prompts to Get Through Quarantine

20 Journal Prompts to Get Through Quarantine | California Psychics

A Moment for You

Even if you don’t consider yourself much of a writer, keeping a journal is an excellent way to get in touch with yourself. All you need is a place to write, something to write your thoughts in, be it a physical journal, a Google doc, or your notes app on your smart phone, and some time that you can regularly dedicate to jotting your thoughts down.

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Journaling isn’t just about pouring out your feelings and leaving it at that, however. The practice can also create positive changes in your mental health and in your life. It allows you to recognize patterns in yourself, track progress that you’re making, vent frustrations, express gratitude, and many other things besides. Especially now, as the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine cabin-fever, ever-evolving lock-down procedures, and an uncertain future, journaling can be a safe, healing activity to start or end the day with. The process of getting all of your feelings about the current situation out of your head, be they conflicted, angry, etc. can be the mental outlet you need during this exhausting and uncertain time.

Beginning the Process

Here are some journal prompts to get you started.

  1. What is something/someone I’m glad I don’t have to do or see anymore?
  2. What does my average day look like now?
  3. What is one major way/area that my life has changed?
  4. Do I have any habits or patterns that I want to end?
  5. Have I been keeping in contact with those I care about? Has it been making a difference to them and/or me? And how can I improve or change the way I keep in contact with my loved ones now and in the future?
  6. Is there anything that has been harder than everything else during quarantine?
  7. Have I been taking something that is vital to me for granted?
  8. Have any of my views/beliefs changed due to recent events?
  9. If I could have anything for the rest of quarantine/my life, it would be…
  10. What is a story about my life I’d be proud to tell others?
  11. What has the easiest part of quarantine been so far?
  12. What did I do to be kind to/take care of myself today?
  13. How have I been increasing my knowledge?
  14. What is one thing I wish the world would learn from this?
  15. Something I’m going to do when all of this is over is…
  16. I’ve embraced this as an opportunity to…
  17. Something I’ve learned about myself due to recent events is…
  18. What is something I have learned about myself and about other people due to this experience?
  19. What is something that will never change?
  20. One thing I have been practicing recently is…


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