Your Full Moon Forecast for 2013

Shifting Your Focus With Each Lunar Cycle

Presiding over sensitive Cancer, the Moon orbits the Earth and rules our emotions. Each New Moon brings with it a chance to start fresh; each Full Moon, a situation to fruition. With that in mind, since we create our own experiences on this plane, it follows that by focusing our energies in accordance with the lunar cycle, we can maximize the astrological energies working in our favor.

On that note, here’s a guide to each month’s Full Moon and what areas it draws into focus. Set your sights on these arenas as they occur (in this case, with each Full Moon… or, if you’re really ahead of the game, at each preceding New Moon to kick off the cycle) and you’ll be in business!

Full Moon in Aries

The ultimate go-getter, an Aries Moon cycle asks you to confront your fears about what would happen if your life were in total alignment. In other words, if all your hopes, dreams and desires were to become reality; your passions alight, what would it feel like?

Full Moon in Taurus

Sensuality and creativity are the focus of a Taurus New Moon. How can you bring more love (romantic and otherwise) into your life? By creating. What you choose to create is up to you, but the act of making art as you define it, in and of itself, helps harness the beauty of the Bull.

Full Moon in Gemini

You’re able to accomplish a lot when imbued with the quick mind and boundless energy of the Twins, and good thing too, as a Gemini Full Moon comes as winter approaches and preparations must be made. Be sure to assess situations and choices carefully from all sides with the intellect of this Air sign. A decision now will be a wise and well-informed one.

Full Moon in Cancer

A Cancer Full Moon brings sensitivity to new heights, which can be a wonderful thing as it offers the chance to align with our highest, most intuitive selves. Set some time aside for meditation and reflection and you will emerge with a deeper self-understanding. Luckily this comes at either the end of a year or the top of the next one, so talk about cosmic timing!

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Full Moon in Leo

If there’s a Full Moon that’s meant for flirtation and romance, this is it! Just be careful in the connubial sense as fertility is also favored! Self-promotion is highlighted at this time; but so long as you keep it in the interests of the greater good (i.e., you’re highlighting your talents to be of service to a cause or woo an employer), you won’t go wrong. In short, let your heart be your guide!

Full Moon in Virgo

Tangible results. That’s what this Full Moon is all about. Apply your practical knowledge in order to bring a hard goal (monetary, fitness, a long-desired trip) to fruition. Now’s the time for making structured plans. You’ll have the greater vision and nitty gritty follow through to pull them off.

Full Moon in Libra

If you’re faced with a paradox, a fork in the road or an issue you’re uncertain about, now is the time to tackle it. Libra is the sign of justice; it seeks balance. And contrary to popular belief, to achieve it, sometimes you have to walk the razor’s edge. Life, after all, is highs and lows. Without left there is no right, etc. Embrace that philosophy and prosper.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Known for the ability to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of even the worst blaze on record, Scorpio begs that we dig deep, confront fears and change. Whatever it is you’re holding onto—skeletons in the closet, habits that die hard, methodologies that no longer serve you—now’s the time to face the facts and leave them where they belong: behind you.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Arm yourself for adventure! The Sagittarian Full Moon asks you to set out on a course beyond your comfort zone. Luckily, it also gives you the gumption to get going! You have the courage of your convictions now—just pay attention to universal signs on your way as they’re bound to pop up and guide you.

Full Moon in Capricorn

Usually arriving during the emotional uproar of Sun in Cancer (for better or worse), a Capricorn Full Moon brings with it some cold, hard facts. Reality isn’t always easy to face, but if you’re unclear (particularly as a result of frenzied feelings—like loneliness, worthlessness or fears surrounding abandonment), the goat Moon will break things down and force you to face them. This may sound scary (and it can be), but you’ll be stronger for it!

Full Moon in Aquarius

Unexpected inspiration often accompanies a Full Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer—literally watering your heart center and spurring your imagination on to great heights. Things may feel chaotic (and they may be chaotic too), but if you embrace it you’ll enter uncharted territory. Not feeling so fired up and don’t know why? Talk with astrologer Psychic Winter ext. 9002 and find out what’s blocking you.

Full Moon in Pisces

If your health has been less than ideal, a Pisces Full Moon may help bring an end to your suffering—if only by helping to alter your state of mind. Healing and intuitive energies are emphasized during this time. Take on a health regimen.

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9 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Forecast for 2013

  1. brenda

    i would also like to know which day of the month the full moon will appear, and also the new moon dates

  2. Geerish Moher

    I would like to know when exactly the moon will be in different zoziac signs, the dates or periods,for example in may the full moon will be in Gemini from which date to which dates.
    Thanks to you to guide me.

  3. Jenevieve Parks

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    It would be really nice if you could go onto Facebook, and connect with ALL the people who like California Psychics, and have conversations with them!

    It makes no sense why California Psychics does not log all the people on Facebook who like the company and the services that the company provides. To me, this would be an added plus to marketing and keeping customers!

    I’m really hoping, someway, some how, I can find the individual who resonated with me so deeply!,.. as I know he likes California Psychics!

  4. anoop sharma

    hi i ask one question .u dont reply me .about marriage .name kunal sharma D. O .B 10-6-1985 TIME 6.10AM PLACE PATIALA PUNJAB INDIA MY QUESTION ABOUT MARRIAGE WHEN 7 wheare tyx

  5. Constance

    I have a ‘burning-desire’ to walk off and leave my family in the midst of a continuing situation that I undoubtedly have no control over, mainly, the way my 35 yr old daughter is raising her children with no real structure; just helter-skelter, which ever way the wind blows her fancy at the time. Now she’s determined to marry the jailbird father of her last child!

    I keep trying to be the voice of reason and a soft place for the kids to land, as I am now taking custody of the most unruly of them all , my 15 year old grandson! I fear that if I don’t, he may get lost to the ‘system’. There is a 16 yr old, an 8 yr old and a 2 year old as well! I am 60 and tired! Am I really making a difference or when I am gone will it really have mattered at all ?!? Is this sacrifice for the greater good or am I putting too much confidence in my limited abilities! I JUST WANT TO SCREAM – ENOUGH! GET A GRIP ALREADY! LORD help us!

  6. Randy

    My luck over the last five yrs. has not been the best in the world but for some reason I have a renewed since of life but since love has been my down swing on everything I will journey on by myself. looking fr advice and try to make the best of what I have left. Thanks for the article and I don,t know why but when the moon is full I fill in tune with the univerve and it gives me such a relaxed feeling and looking beyound to the stars is just a greater since of reality.

  7. Nenad

    Timing is completely wrong here: for instance, the fool moon in Gemini in 2013 will not be at at the beginning of winter but in May…


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