Your Weekend Forecast for January 11 – 13, 2013

Organized and Motivated with Capricorn’s Help!

With a Capricorn Sun and a Capricorn New Moon, Friday will be perfection. With all that organization and motivation, there’s no better way to start the weekend. Moving into Aquarius, the Moon offers us creative ways to communicate. The parties are over, the big holidays are behind us and as we move forward, we have time to think and reflect on the past month, allowing the warmth of all the positive energy to continue in our hearts.


This is a very busy time of year at work and the weekend brings a welcomed lull. You kick back, relax Friday night and Saturday during the day, and make some easy plans with friends for Saturday night. Maybe a movie and pizza is just what you need to keep you feeling balanced.


Letting go of the past is sometimes hard for you to do. These few days give you the time to look at what is on your calendar and to release any unnecessary plans. Emotionally you are feeling quite alive and will find this to be a weekend that ends on a romantic note.


The people who love you the most have your back this weekend, and taking to something new and exciting requires you to keep a lofty attitude. “I can do it” is your mantra. Say it often to release the doubt. You are fearless, brave and brilliant.


The New Moon in your opposite sign is giving you the motivation to get up and go. As much as you’d rather be a couch potato, there is no way that will happen—the crew is coming over to get you, bringing the kids in tow. So get up and get ready. It will be fun.


There is planning to do with work around the house—it is back to business as usual now that the holiday season is gone. Organizing your thoughts, putting them on your iPad and setting out to take care of what needs to be bought keeps you busy. Meeting someone new in the hardware store sparks a conversation and possibly a new friend.


Taking the car in for routine maintenance gets you out of the house. A new restaurant opened up across the street from the auto shop and you discover their wonderful food. Sunday you take your mate over to share a great brunch. A movie you have wanted to see shows up in your neighborhood theater—what a great New Moon treat.


Being one of the cardinal signs, you feel the power of motivation super sized. It is an open-minded weekend with new ideas coming to light as you gather with loved ones for a good time. The Aquarius Moon allows you plenty of energy to create. A weekend very well spent on new ideas gives you a fresh dose of faith in your imaginative process for the year.


The earthy vibrations give you a sense of well-being and comfort. A friend suggests an outing to a local ice skating rink where you get your grove on, not to mention a good workout. Hot chocolate and cookies top the day like whipped cream. Your lover comes over Saturday night until Sunday, making it a lovely weekend.


You have a burning desire to do something different and out of your comfort zone. The vibrations of the Sun and the Moon assist you in finding a new passion. An old friend brings up a topic suitable for consideration. Be it art, music or food, there will be something new in store for you.


This is the height of your season. Your energy is peaking and you feel like there is nothing you cannot do. The thought of planning a cross-country trip comes to mind, helping a dear friend get over their fear of flying. You are just the person to ease them into the plane. Well, at least it will be open for discussion.


A misunderstanding is resolved much to your satisfaction, bringing peace of mind back to your household. A new project is underway with all the ingenious, innovative thoughts running through your mind. The New Moon gives you emotional resourcefulness and you call up an ex to find they missed you too.


Thank goodness it’s Friday and you are ready to come home and chill out. There are no definite plans, leaving you to freewheel about and visit those you love. Reading a new book that you added to your Kindle proves to be good as you take to the chaise with a glass of wine, cheese and crackers. You wind the weekend down in the most pleasurable way.

11 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for January 11 – 13, 2013

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    hi – suzanne- well at least you were motivated to write here. 🙂

    hi – LJ – always your words make me feel good… humbly 🙂

    hi – Godo – very kind of you to say – thank you 🙂

    hi – anita – they do have devices that allow for communication in your case. i have had calls with a translator on the phone for the person who could not hear. look into it. also i pray your wishes come true. maybe one day we will have email readings on our site, i am hoping so as i love doing them. so for the both of us i am keeping my fingers crossed. this is a new year with good things happening – all the best 🙂

    hi – t-bird – my rising is leo and i too moved this week and needed lots of stuff from the hardware store and wal-mart. so happy to be settled in. i pray your move goes smooth and easy. thanks for your comment. 🙂

    dear karen – if you had good fortune in maryland than bad luck did not follow you to texas. starting fresh or over takes a minute or two. you are so good at your profession, no one would want to hurt you or keep you from your work. take that thought out of your head – that thought alone can hold you back. i know not easy! it is a new day and you are going to keep it moving forward. if you have to leave texas than go… all will be well 🙂

    lovely faith,
    thank you for my bday wishes. your the best 😉

    hi – ROSHAN
    you should have a wonderful job this month, but i feel working on a career goal might serve you to higher purpose. many blessing 🙂

  2. Arku

    This life forecast is really helpful. I makes you to feel like you are in control of what your struggles may be. However, six months ago, I had some difficult life experience with my family and that of my relationship with my fiance. This had a negative effect on my study in college, but with prayer and reading these wonderful E-mail forecast from these wonderful psychic also help me control myself. I just want thank you psychics for the beautiful work you are all doing.

  3. suzanne

    I tend to believe my scope did not pertain to myself today.It said i was motivative today ,not true at all,im in a not so motivative mood,infact im totally oppisiate today,i fell no orgination.

  4. Godo Wasiu

    It is interesting for one to know his or her future forcast on your possible life style, activities and possible future occurence which is always being got through you. I must say it’s a nice experience which motivates and make you plan ahead thumps up.

  5. anita

    I wish i could phone you and chat of my worries …i have a loss of hearing can’t hear on the phone …so i suffer…will my wishes come true…
    a)that i will get to email with you …
    b)that a miracle will happpen for financial aid…

  6. t-bird

    Thanks Quinn, I always enjoy these forecasts. I’m getting ready to move and do need a few things. Looks like this Leo needs to get to the hardware store this weekend!

  7. Karen

    Hi my name is Karen and I just lost my job again.Since I moved to Texas I can’t keep a job.I am a Nannie and the people I work for Either moved lose there job or Can’t afford me anymore.I really need a job I can keep.I am so tired of Struggling with money and bills.When I lived in Maryland I had a home daycare and did not have to worrie about money.Its seem like Texas has been bad luck for me with job and money.Its like I have a black Cloud for bad luck that Follow me everywhere.Its like someone put or wished this bad luck on me.

  8. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    This is a powerful New Moon today, the first New Moon of the year! I think I am also in the proximity to wish you a Happy Birthday too dear Quinn! Today? Tomorrow? Yesterday? May your year be filled with blessings of grace. Always enjoy your weekend forecasts! 🙂

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


    madam pls help me . pls tell me what time give my job . pls…………. tell me .my date birth is 1987 june 12 . time is 3:35 p:m .


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