Winter Libido Lifters

It may be cold outside, but fear not lovers! Lower temperatures provide all the more reason to stay inside where it’s (uh-hum) warm. In fact, if you’re willing to put in the effort, the winter months can be downright hot!

So, if your libido is lagging courtesy of longer work, shorter days and colder air (and even if it’s not) try these winter bedroom boosters to set the home fires ablaze and keep them sizzling straight into Spring! Hint: the best tool you have for a hotter sex life is your imagination.

Switch it up
Nothing screams sexual excitement like a little variety. And that doesn’t necessarily mean a change of partners. Switching up venue, style, duration, intention or just about anything else has been known to fan the faintest of flames, turning embers into infernos and making for super hot monogamy.

So, if you’re normally submissive to your partner’s dominant (or vice versa) try their shoes on for size. Likewise, if morning sex has become your standard fare, tackle your lover over late night takeout on the dining room table or living room floor. Throw a towel in the dryer so it’s warm, then surprise them on the way out of the shower before you head off to work… drying them off can be just as hot as getting all wet! The point here is not to get into whips and chains (unless that’s your thing) but rather, to re-invigorate your senses of adventure by expanding your romantic repertoire.

Like variety, surprise can be just the boost your sex life needs any time of year! Special winter surprises could include cozying up in a booth in your local dive bar for a hot toddy and making out. Or having your partner pick you up at the office… wearing nothing but boots and lingerie underneath your faux fur coat. An outdoor session may be out of the question in sub-zero temps, but what about a little tease? A flash of whatever excites your mate most may be all that’s required to lure them back inside on a snowy day. Or if you know they’ve come down with a case of the sniffles, you can show up and be their naughty nurse (whether you’re a man or a woman)! Whatever surprise you engender need not be elaborate… simply inspired.

The body ornamental
All those shiny ornaments that accompany the holiday season may be a few weeks away, but there’s no reason you can’t turn your body – or your partner’s into a glistening wonder to behold right now… and tame some tension in the process! After a long hard day (and a commute through the cold), welcome your lover into the warmth of your bedroom and offer them a little rub down – with massage oil or any sheen-inducing massage aide.

Beyond the relaxation experience it will provide them, you’ll be treated to a very sexy sight – their shimmering naked body. For an extra-sensory (extra-sensual) experience, once your lover’s body is sufficiently slick, rub your own up against them. Not only will you get to shine on too (making you equally sexy to behold), but you’ll get the bonus sensation of skin gliding on skin. Be sure not to skip your naughty parts!

Old-fashioned fun
Lastly, like comfort food and sensual soothers (like foot rubs, warm drinks and aromatherapy oils to calm and relax us), sometimes sex is best the old fashioned way – late night, in the quiet, under the covers. Turn out the lights, hop in bed and slip off your clothes under the warmth of the blankets. Then snuggle up to your partner and take theirs off too. Spend time kissing and touching, caressing and tickling before getting down to business. Breathe together and relish the moment. In these times it can be the absence of anything elaborate that is the most comforting of all. Knowing that on your own, just the two of you is more than enough to find satisfaction and keep you both coming back for more.

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