Let the Good Times Roll

Sexy Mars transits into fun-loving Sagittarius on November 16, 2008 and frolics there through Christmas Day. Mars is the planet of passion and action, while Sag is a futuristic Fire sign. The merger of the two energizes relationships and encourages you to envision where you’re headed as a couple. What’s more, this transit is about having the courage to pursue your dreams. Having faith in yourself – and in the Divine (whatever that means for you )- is easier now because Sagittarius rules faith.

On the downside, this transit can cause excessive optimism, extravagance and rash behavior. You’ll benefit the most if you embrace the hopefulness but keep one foot on the ground. And analyze the pros and cons before you act.

To align yourself with Mars in Sagittarius, you’ll need to envision the bigger picture of your destiny, expect good things to come your way, and have faith that you’re being guided to where you need to be. For more specifics, read your Sun and ascendant signs below.

Scorpio: Get ready for a wild ride! Mars brings out your naughty side and intensifies your sensuality. It can also prompt some wicked spending sprees. Fortunately, your moneymaking talents are also on fire, so a financial opportunity or two should be headed your way. Just be sure the offers don’t promise more than they can deliver.

Sagittarius: Mars in your sign sets passion aflame and challenges you to take the lead in love – and in other ventures, too. Whether it’s a person or a project, whatever you’re passionate about is where your energy is focused. You’re like an arrow flying toward a target. So take aim at your dreams and shoot.

Capricorn: You’re in a waiting period, when you’ll probably feel antsy but unwilling to take action. Sit tight and focus on your inner life. Do you have any anger (Mars) that needs to be healed? If you clear away emotional blocks, Mars entering your sign on December 26 will launch a new cycle of activity for you.

Aquarius: Socializing accelerates as Mars energizes your friendship sector and brings opportunities through networking. Taking the lead in a group effort will show off your ingenuity – and perhaps inspire a romantic interlude as well. Romance may also come through a friend, or perhaps you’ll engage in a flirtation during a community activity.

Pisces: Mars can launch a new career cycle – or make you restless for more autonomy at work. It can also bring out your argumentative side, especially with your boss. In the romance arena, a spontaneous flirtation may arise with a colleague. Most likely, though, it’s an impulsive act that you may (or may not) regret later on.

Aries: Mars kicks romance up a notch as your passionate side takes over! Some of this heat may come from a lover from afar, or perhaps you’re just in the mood for an exotic ambiance. In any case, your adventurous side is in full swing. A spontaneous trip for two (Alps? Paris? Rio?) may be just the ticket.

Taurus: Your daring side comes out to play, especially in sexy encounters. Your usual grounded approach to love gets an infusion of fire from Mars, making you more spontaneous than usual. On a practical note, the urge to spend may overtake you, but try to resist the temptation to charge up your credit cards.

Gemini: Passionate one-on-one trysts get energized as Mars transits through your partnership sector. Activities with your significant other can bring you closer together or, in the manner of argumentative Mars, be a source of irritation. Getting physical (exercise? massage? sex?) will help you blow off steam. A business partnership can motivate you now, too.

Cancer: You’re motivated to get your diet and exercise routines in gear. Take that energetic Sagittarius energy outdoors – or at least to the gym – and get moving. Maybe a gym flirtation will provide additional motivation. Mars will also prompt you to be more creative at work. It’s time to promote your projects!

Leo: Mars turns up the heat in romance for lions! You’re a magnet for admirers, but you’ll need to weed out the unworthy ones. Your creative juices are sizzling, too, so delve into a project that’s close to your heart and watch it take flight. Activities with children can bring fulfillment as well.

Virgo: Family activities bring fun, if an annoying relative doesn’t mess with you. They’d better not, because you’re more prickly than usual and you’re not taking flack from anyone! The good news is, you can use this energizing Mars influence to get things done that you’ve been putting off. Or launch a new project that excites you.

Libra: Mars transiting your area of communications means you’ll need to speak up. That, or risk a verbal explosion of your own making. Even the most peace-loving of Libras can spark a firestorm with words. Fortunately, your natural eloquence and sense of fair play will assure you’ll get your point across without burning any bridges.

Cortney Litwin is the co-host of the Cosmic Sutra on KarmaSolRadio, an online talk show featuring astrology and dream interpretation.

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