The Seven Dwarfs of Love

Who’s Running the Show When You’re in Love?

Although we only have five senses (or six for those who choose to delve deeper into life’s mysteries), in love we have just as many or more vibrations that expose us to this incredible realm of existence that we call love. Love can be a fairy tale or a nightmare.

Within each of the seven parts of love the other parts also show themselves, so you can be happy, sexy and safe all at the same time, or horny, smelly and clingy too. Most of the time we find that one of the vibrations is stronger than the other and we go with it if possible. The interesting thing about the Seven Dwarfs of Love is that you can feel their energy if you are in a relationship or not.


This little dwarf is the biggest troublemaker; sometimes out of nowhere the feeling of horniness takes over and you don’t have your partner handy or anyone you might want to give a quickie to. On the flip side, this dwarf can come to you at the perfect time, making a night or daytime romp in the hay one heck of a lot of fun.


The desire to have something—this dwarf will carry a tray of strawberries, whipped cream with a pot of chocolate fondue to your bedside. Some people love mixing food and love. Feeding each other sets the mood for a long night of lovemaking. On the other hand, you eat so much that you cannot move and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Either way hunger is a feeling that moves us to a place of loveliness.


Here we have the barer of good news; this dwarf carries around a happy sack. You got a raise, promotion, you signed a contract for a big deal, your paperwork on your house closed, your ship came in, you won the lottery… you get the idea. Happy is a horny-maker indeed. The feeling of good fortune is something we want to share with someone we care about and will bring about a rousing session of sexy playtime.


Clingy dwarf cries “Don’t go,” or  “Don’t leave me.” Your heart strings are being pulled too tight and one pops and you run out the door. The phone keep ringing, text messages keep coming and then the next thing you know your lover is at your door at the end of the workday. Are you giving your lover enough time, or are they just clingy by nature? This is a good time to talk and put up some boundaries or Clingy will be history.


Ah, the scent of love. Just make sure it is coming from the right place… Hormones can make a person have an odor that is either a scent to savor or one that makes you queasy. Incense, candles and perfume all enhance the atmosphere, yet wearing a strong scent can turn off your lover. Don’t be Mary Mary the Perfume Fairy! When making love, the last thing your partner  wants is a mouth full of body cream. The scent of a woman is natural, and the scent of a man can be very alluring in a natural way.


The sexy dwarf does not walk around in tighty whities or a house dress.  A better choice would be a g-string, mini skirt, silk boxers or a baby doll made out of smooth, silky material. Sexy is a way of being. Your walk, a smile, a wink and your body language can speak volumes. If you are looking for love or want to keep it going no matter how long the relationship has been going on, staying in your sexy zone will keep you both happy.


This is the dwarf no one likes, yet without safety in love, hearts can be broken, dreams can turn to nightmares and love can turn to hate. How do you enter into a relationship without having boundaries and limits? Without these elements, careless behavior comes into play and can ruin your love life. This is a soapbox moment for lovers. Is your relationship exclusive and monogamous? If not, listen to the safety dwarf to avoid the pitfalls that being unsafe brings to life.

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