Astrology: Dating Compatibility Guide

Aries: Aries with any fire sign is an inferno. The breeziness of an air sign, like Aquarius, might just maintain enough current to keep that fire lit, and you and Scorpio should call 911.

Taurus: Down to earth and a lover of luxury, another Taurus, knows just how you like it. The other thing you love is loyalty, and for you a Cancer could provide the passion you secretly need and deserve.

Gemini: Other air signs, Gemini and Libra make a good dating match for you. You need someone like you to appreciate your quirky, kinky side. You might also find Sagittarius to be someone who lights your fire.

Cancer: Other water signs know and understand your depth of emotion. Another Cancer or a Scorpio makes for a delicious affair of the heart. You and Pisces, however, might be competitive for affection. Try a down to earth Taurus or Virgo to get the passions rolling.

Leo: Aries and Leo form an incendiary concoction. You love Gemini’s imagination and how they make you laugh. Romance with a Cancer or Capricorn may be short-lived, but enjoying the moment makes for fond, fun-filled memories. How about a Libra to balance out your wild side?

Virgo: You can’t go wrong with another earth sign like yourself, or with a water sign for that matter. Scorpios make passionate dates, and you and Capricorn seem made for each other.

Libra: Aquarius and Gemini, your fellow air signs, make a whirlwind romantic match. You are one sign that can balance out any differences between you and even appreciate them. You and Aries are night and day but make a lovely dusk.

Scorpio: For some reason, you seem to have your choice of the zodiac, regardless of element. Of course, Pisces and Cancer give your heart delight. But fire and earth signs seem to get your water bubbling and boiling as well. You and Aries sizzle.

Sagittarius: Fire seeks more heat, more fire. You don’t do badly with a Libra but it is your very own sign and all the other fire signs that fire those pistons and get your motor running. You wild child. Talk about global warming!

Capricorn: You and your opposite sign, Cancer, make a great match, as do you and any water sign. You may go from dating to setting the date before either of you know it. Aquarius is a fun and memorable date, but not as lasting as you and a fellow Capricorn.

Aquarius: You and another Aquarius enjoy cloud hopping. Fellow air signs, Libra and Gemini start easy breezy and can work up quite a sexual storm. Fire signs, like Leo, ignite in the rush from your airy ways.

Pisces: Pisces reaches full tilt thrill with another Pisces. Fellow water sign, Scorpio is delectably delicious. Cancer is a great date, but you two can wash each other out. Date a lavish and loving Taurus for fun of all the senses.

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