The Hottest Words to Say to a Man On Your First Date

A man wants three things from a woman on a first date: playfulness, teasing and sexual confidence,” says Matthew Hussey of Get the Guy. It’s your lucky day. I’ve got a free gift for you that you’re going to love. It’ll show you how to read men like a book and reveal their dirty little secret that no one else ever talks about. It’s only available for a limited time and you’ll need to act today to get it.

But to better understand the gift, I want to share something pretty amazing with you.

I want to share the easiest way to get a man HOOKED on you on the first date.

And all you have to do is say the right words. Let me explain…

There are three qualities that every man secretly wants to detect in every woman on a first date.

1. Playfulness

2. Teasing

3. Sexual confidence

If you can convey a combination of these three on a first date, you will never fail to stimulate a guy in all the right ways.

And fortunately enough, I’ve put together a list of my favourite phrases on a first date. Some of these have to be delivered quite tongue-in-cheek, or with a playful attitude, but that’s exactly the state men want in a first date. They want a woman who doesn’t take herself seriously, who can be in control of the situation, and most of all a woman who will take the initiative in driving him so crazy that he can’t wait to pick up the phone and arrange the next date.

So let’s look at some phrases that will arouse his curiosity:

1. “You’re in my bad books now…”

Guys can never resist a girl who gives back as good as she gets. So if a guy comes at you on a date with lots of teasing and tries to make jokes, it’s always sexy if a woman comes back and shows that she won’t put up with it.

This doesn’t need to be said seriously, you can mock tease him by saying “You’re in my bad books now, I’m not sure I can forgive you…” or “you’re going to have to win me back now.”

Even though he knows you’re joking, he’ll want to fight to get back in your good books! These kind of roleplays always allow you to set a tone for your relationship, and you can always turn up the heat by making it sexual later e.g. “There are ways you can get back in my good books…”

2. “I bet you’d be good at X”

Saying you think a guy will be good at something does a few things. First of all, it plays to his male ego, and no matter what it is he’ll want to prove to you that he’s good at it. Second of all, it’s a personal observation, and a guy will find it sexy that you’ve thought about something specific to him.
So for example, you could say “I bet you’d be great magician.” Then when he’s intrigued and wants to know why, you respond with “Because you’d look great with a top hat on” or “Because you’ve got those shifty eyes”.

3. “Maybe, if you’re good…”

Telling a guy he has to behave is always a sure way to turn him on. It tells him that (a) you are selective and (b) he’s not going to get what he wants unless he earns it first. This is always very sexual territory for guys, because it shows your sexual confidence.

4. “I’m impressed.”

Men are still children at heart. They never grow up from wanting to impress the girl they like. You can show this to him in either a silly or a serious way. For example, if he talks about something he’s passionate about you can be genuine and tell him it’s impressive to find someone dedicated to what they love. Or if he tries to be chivalrous and holds a door open, or carries something for you, you can say “Wow, I’m always impressed with a man who can take initiative.”

Rest assured, whatever impresses you is sexy to a man.

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14 thoughts on “The Hottest Words to Say to a Man On Your First Date

  1. patricia Charmaine Santos

    Yeah! like it’s gonna last long! guys can’t afford to have but just 1 women in their life….They’re just aint contented so we should’nt expect much

  2. helen

    Hi Matthew,

    I live in Adelaide, Australia and I’m finding it difficult to meet men & have contact with them.

    I really like your videos. They are informative, practical & logical. I find them interesting & describe accurately how women respond to men. It has also been a real eye-opener to see how men respond to women in relationships. I know this information will help me in future relationships. I wish I knew these things before I got married!

    In one of your videos you say it is easy to meet men anywhere & it’s simple to have a directory full of male phone numbers. I don’t even know a man I can share a coffee with if I wish to spend my time with male company. Can you please explain how it is possible to have these male contacts & what techniques you use?

    I would like to meet a potential relationship partner. I would even be glad to simply have a decent conversation with a man. I am tired of trying to meet men in nightclubs & pubs where they are invariably drunk & frankly, I find men are usually offensive when intoxicated.
    I feel I deserve to have a respectful, intelligent conversation with a man.

    I have been separated for 4 years & I have barely met any men, despite going to group activities, dance classes, lectures about topics I am interested in etc.

    Please share your ideas on how to meet men in different ways so I can share my time with men & enjoy male company again & perhaps enter a relationship if I meet a suitable man.
    I go out with my female friends at least once a week & yet we are rarely spoken to by any men. It really does appear to look like there are no available men around for my girlfriends & I to meet.

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Maria

    Gina Rose…if these tips actually worked, you wouldn’t need to use them “for years” lol. Am I the only woman who is sick of trying to figure out why men are childish sex starved little boys who need to have their egos stroked in order to find a woman “interesting”.

    Who cares what men “want”. I don’t see any men picking up the male equivalent of Cosmo, trying to figure out how to make my orgasm the best it’s ever been. Take me as I am…or go home.

  4. Mona

    Rai, I am with a Virgo man and he is wonderful!! He is playful, loves teasing, and loves sexual confidence! Sure, I brought it all out in him, but he is great non the less! He is a control freak at times, as I am…but we both love and understand each other. Thank you!

  5. LadyJane

    One more tip I learned the hard way after becoming a fairly young widow and not dating for years is
    don’t give them too much information about you on a first date – do what Barry suggests sort of do a bit of role playing with a sense of humor and they want be able to figure you out – men love solving a puzzle.

  6. Rai

    Barry…you are assuming that somebody would actually want to be with a Virgo man, and attempt to make the effort. Bless you, however, for so eloquently sharing that this particular sign of the zodiac is not into playful (Ultra-serious at all times), is not fond of teasing (Cannot take a joke), and is turned off by sexual confidence (AKA control freak). It will surely prevent much time-wasting and heartache. You’ve made a fine messenger for a rather large group of men who I sincerely hope do not resent remaining unpaired after this fine truth that you have shared. Cheers!

  7. Mary Fitzpatrick

    would love watching your video but my computer has no sound.
    So will have to wait till you put it out in script.

  8. gwyn

    Too general & gimmicky. Every man & woman on earth are set/matched/mis-matched uniquely by their own personal preferences, background, upbring, social &/or religious cues, timing. Some ppl are not focus enough for monotonous relationships, whereas others can be goal-oriented & determined to make things work. Dated a spectrum of personalities to realize this. Some long term, some short. But we all relatively reveal our cards early on to save the hurt or ambiguity down the road. Make it a policy & save yourself time. The converse is also true, some are worth the time to discover/share more beautiful continuous possibilities.

    Essentially this: every person wish/want to be loved/honored/valued/respected for who they are & likewise. If no feel, no go. Example: if you’re a cheater or be w/one – no magic pill is gonna make that person faithful & vice versa.

  9. Barry Soetoro

    these tips do not work on a virgo man; trust me.
    he will pick up on the manipulation; drop you off at the curb and never call you back.


    You are like a prophet, your words are constructive and this is really a gift that those who are experiencing similar problems will use

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    Excellent advice !!!!! I’ve used these tips before myself, actually for years now, and I can tell you that these tips REALLY work.


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