10 Things Men Want in a Relationship

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What Men Look for in Romantic Relationships

Men and women are definitely wired differently. Sometimes we’re looking for the same things in relationships; other times we are not. Here are 10 things men want in romantic relationships. Do any of these things surprise you?

10. To Hunt 

Men want to be the pursuers—not the pursued. Why? This is a part of “the game” we inherently enjoy. The pursuit for a mate is embedded in a universe-long history of our days in the wild when men would hunt and kill to provide for their families. We love a challenge, and research suggests a definite correlation between chemical reactions in our brains when we’re challenged and the excitement and enjoyment of “chasing” after our mate’s acceptance and appreciation. For many men it can even be addictive.

9. To Have Our Needs Fulfilled 

We love feeling like our mates are paying attention to and satisfying our needs. It could be something as simple as ordering from our favorite restaurant or playing music by our favorite artist. We want to be with thoughtful partners who pay attention to our likes and fulfill our wants and needs.

8. To Discover Our Partner Over Time

Men like women who keep things interesting and are a little mysterious. Don’t share everything about yourself, all at once and right away. Share your hobbies and talents over time. Give yourself more than one opportunity to wow us.

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7. To be with a Woman Who is Alluring

Believe it or not, men don’t always want a woman who will jump into bed with them on the first date. Men love sex, but they also love a challenge. Build up the anticipation of sleeping together, so when you finally do, it will be even more exciting. When it comes to sex, men favor quantity, while women favor quality. In a relationship, men are challenged to make sex better, while women are challenged to make sex more frequent. Once a couple reaches a compromise, intimacy and progress materialize. But this takes time. Don’t rush things.

6. To be with an Independent Partner

We want a woman who is not completely reliant on us—emotionally, socially and financially. We don’t want to feel smothered. When our mates have self-confidence and self-reliance, it makes us happy and takes the weight of supporting them off our shoulders.

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5. To Set Clear Boundaries

Setting boundaries early on in a relationship is important. Men like women who are strong and who can handle their day-to-day without letting people take advantage of them. For many guys, a shrewd woman is more appealing and exciting than one who constantly complies with everything and everyone.

4. To Take Pride in Us

We want our partner to be our biggest cheerleader. We want her to happily ride the highs and lows of life with us. We want her to introduce us to her friends and family as her significant other.

3. To Have Real Communication

Men struggle with communication skills. But if we can conquer communication hurdles in relationships, those relationships will progress at a quicker and stronger rate. Guys don’t want to make small talk. Saying “more” by saying less, without belaboring on the specifics of the relationship, is important. While it may be difficult to describe our emotions out loud, using simplicity and generalities helps us understand the complex layers of our relationships better than harping on the particulars.

2. To Have Commitment or Not

Women aren’t the only people who desire a committed relationship. Believe it or not, many men want commitment too. If you are both looking for a committed relationship, that’s great. You have something to work towards. Even if you both just want a “friends with benefits” relationship, it’s important to express this upfront. Just make sure you are always on the same page.

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1. To Have Honesty

Above all else, honesty is what men want in a relationship. With honesty comes trust, and with trust comes friendship and love that is true. Being honest with a partner is a sign that you respect them.

23 thoughts on “10 Things Men Want in a Relationship

  1. scammed

    Here’s my situation. As soon as the “I do’s” were over, my wife started letting herself go. She quit participating in all the athletic activities such as hiking, biking,

    volleyball, swimming, that while dating she pretended were ‘common’ interests. Without athletic activities she then gained a lot of weight. What the weight gain did to her

    appearance was NOTHING compared to what it did to her libido. She started acting like sex was some kind of embarrassing medical procedure, did not smile at all, she actually looked

    more like it was humiliating. Eventually she totally quit, just saying she had a headache everytime I tried to get her in the mood. She was not avoiding sex as a punishment toward

    me for some perceived wrong-doing, she was avoiding sex because it fell outside of her psychological comfort zone after she gained so much weight. She became resolved to not having

    sex again for the rest of her life, and by default of being married, she decided on my behalf that I too was no longer going to have sex for the rest of my life. In my opinion,

    this was the most selfish decision she has ever made, and it has left me feeling stuck in a loveless marriage. If she had told me this was her agenda before we got married, she

    would NEVER have been able to get me to the altar. It would have been a deal breaker. I feel scammed.

    Women need to realize that having a marriage without a sex-life eventually makes most men feel ‘used’ instead of ‘loved’, in the same way that having a sex-life without marriage

    eventually makes most women feel ‘used’ instead of ‘loved’.

    This is because the importance of a sex-life in marriage is to men what the importance of monogamy in marriage is to women.
    And similarly, the importance of a monogamy in marriage is to men what the importance of a sex-life in marriage is to women.

  2. TT

    I have one question? If ur married and u try to talk to ur husband about anything and he just don’t want to hear about nothing .he don’t want to hear how ur day went or talk at all and this is all the time .wat do u do. I feel I am by my self

  3. Kiba

    As a young woman in a committed relationship, my own boyfriend feels that it is also important that a couple should try out the other’s favorite hobby.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    tip # 6 has some merit though….. but if you are being true to yourself , as I posted earlier, than you have # 6 covered already !

    6. To be with an Independent Partner

    We want a woman who is not completely reliant on us—emotionally, socially and financially. We don’t want to feel smothered. When our mates have self-confidence and self-reliance, it makes us happy and takes the weight of supporting them off our shoulders.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Some heartfelt advice to all of the lovely ladies out there ,…..a saying comes to mind:

    To thine own self be true.

    Be proud of who you are as an individual first, always stay true to your path , needs, dreams and desires.

    And if that man ,or other person,doesn’t appreciate what a wonderful person and woman that you are, than maybe he isn’t the one for you….or has some growing to do and just isn’t ready for the fantastic woman that you are.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. zenlady

    There is a lot of truth in this, especially about men wanting a woman who can stand on her own two feet. Feeling that you have to hold up the world for other people is a big stress and many human beings (not just men) do not want feel confident in their ability to do it successfully.

  7. Tim

    Leave it to women nagging, to wreck this interesting article.

    Unfortunately it’s the female-liberal society that does not let us men be men.

    Women – just because you’ve “observed” and ain’t got what you hoped don’t mean this article has no validity to it.

    I am a man. I found this article extremely interesting, even if don’t agree with the sex part (20 yr old virgin – waiting until marriage, for personal beliefs that and the fact I don’t believe I have the right to add that pressure to women).

    Q: What would we have if women ran the world?
    A: Just a bunch of angry countries who wouldn’t talk to each other

    Haha – so if you don’t care for my response.
    I don’t care.
    I did not attack any specific comment.
    I am sorry if I offended you – ok maybe not, perhaps it’s time a man took a stand.


  8. Robin Bednarczyk

    Honesty is the biggest thing I look for in a MAN! Once I catch them in a lie, the romance part goes out the window and its hard to trust them again. I know this is the 10 things men want from women, but we expect the same from them in return, and I CAN NOT live with a liar, or someone who is not honest, as me being an empath, I KNOW when I’m being lied to, then its all out the door. I’ve been lied to ALOT, can you tell?

  9. Judy whatever

    Your comments in my opinion are all lopsided. Women are stronger than men but who needs to wipe diapers for the sake of a relationahip. Two people should put all the cards on the table in the beginning of the relationship so that there are no surprises and no game playing. If you want a true lasting relationship then it has to be based on honesty and trust not games.

  10. UMEANO


  11. Starr

    This article is BS in accordance with what I observed with the younger crowd (under 35). The #1 item that they failed to mention is being thin. None of this other crap matters if you’re not thin. Average or heavier sized women won’t get the chance or if they do they’ll just be a “placeholder” until what he really wants come along. That’s what I’ve observed sadly with men in my age group.

  12. Lynn Sigman

    After a short romance that ended with him saying he had no feelings for me, I was crushed. Now I have met a good man who seems interested, how do I proceed without overwhelming him with my need to find love.

  13. Ancient Pollyanna

    I can’t stand “What Men Want” articles. For as long as there have been men, they get what they want. Making women focus on this nonsense is just holding us all back.

  14. Pamela

    This was very interesting and so true. I loved it so much I wrote all 10 things down to read over to keep it fresh in my mind. I’ve just started a new relationship and this will serve me well.


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