7 Best Crystals for Meditation

7 Best Crystals for Meditation | California Psychics

Finding Inner Calm with Crystals

Meditation is a gift you give yourself to help create the feeling of being centered, grounded, and calm. It helps uplift your spirit and fill you with positive energy. It is also known to assist in healing the mind, body, and spirit. Meditating with crystals helps open your inner spiritual gates to access higher realms, and so much more. It can help to program your crystals with your desired intentions, even if you just wish to glide into the quiet of your soul.

Using crystals is believed to help deepen your meditation and your intuition, give you greater insight, help you commune with your angels and guides, create healing in every part of you, relax and soothe, supercharge the power of the intentions you’ve set and help them manifest, as well as raise your consciousness and awareness to ever-climbing heights.

You can begin your inward journey by lighting a candle if you wish, in whatever color that speaks to you, and hold your chosen gemstones in your palm. You can also place them on a grid, in a circle around you, on your body, or simply have them somewhere nearby. They will do their work and supply you with their magical energy, and you need only receive it. To help you feel more in tune with Spirit, here are the 7 best crystals to aid meditation.


Called the “Stone of Heaven,” this sparkling, deep royal blue stone that often holds traces of emerald green is connected to the Third Eye Chakra. It is a stone of the Blue Ray and can help you access your inner wizard. Long considered helpful in accessing inner wisdom, Azurite clears your mind so you can focus on what is most important. It is thought to help clear confusion and relieve mental stress. To strengthen and deepen your psychic abilities, it is recommended that you meditate upon this beautiful crystal to enter into the sacred and mystical vibrations of the higher realms. It is known to help you recognize intuition and spiritual guidance.


Selenite is named after Selene, which is the Greek name for Moon Goddess. This shining, satin white crystal is known as the “Angel Stone.” Associated with the Crown Chakra, it is thought to protect you, cleanse your spirit of negativity, and help you gain clarity. Place selenite among all of your other crystals in moonlight when you feel the need to cleanse and charge them. (Be sure to keep selenite out of water.) It is also believed to induce calming relaxation to help you sleep better. Many healers often use it to help restructure and regenerate cells in the body, as well as to heal your aura and balance your chakras. It is said to fill you with the pure white light of Spirit.


Called the “Stone of Meditation,” this beautiful, deep purple gemstone is connected to both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Homage must be paid to the mighty amethyst, a stone of the Violet Ray, for it is powerful in countless helpful ways, including assisting you in meeting your spirit guides. It is believed to strengthen and deepen your intuition, relieve you of stress, and create inner peace and healing. It is perfect for helping you access information in your dream state. If you can only choose one gemstone from this list, this is the one you can make your go-to meditation crystal.


Known as a “Stone of Tranquility,” this crystal comes in colors of blue violet mixed with lavender and shades of grey or rose hues, and is thought to help relieve anxiety, stress, and worry. Associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, it is believed to help heal depression, anguish, and inner pain of every kind. It can be used to help soothe your soul and create calm, peace, and tranquility. Lepidolite is thought to help you have more restful sleep, as well as assist you in accessing your higher chakras to converse with Spirit during meditation and dream state.


Called the “Stone of Awareness,” this baby-blue crystal is thought to inspire quiet strength and acceptance, for it is considered the strongest of the gentle energy stones. After all, true strength is gentle. Associated with the Throat Chakra, Angelite is believed to assist you in meeting your guardian angels in meditation. It acts as a direct line between you and your spirit guides, filling you with sweet, peaceful, heavenly serenity, and is known to help you have clear communication with Spirit.

Blue Topaz

Named the “Stone of Potency,” the beautiful blue topaz most often comes in a bluish-green color that embodies the spiritual power of both sea and sky in its mystical being. Connected to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, it is known for its power to enhance psychic abilities, promote truth and forgiveness, help create clear communication, assist you in relaxing into peace and calm, as well as help you attune to your higher self and your angels. It is believed to help you discover your inner nobility and trust your soul’s power. In ancient times, it was thought to be able to break curses and undo spell work, for it was believed to be stronger than any dark magic.


Known as the “Stone of Spiritual Insight,” this crystal is usually white, sometimes colorless, although it may have some light tints of other colors and is connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is believed to carry within it the Akashic Records from which you can gain all spiritual insight and knowledge. It is thought to help with long-distance healing and keep your physical body grounded during astral travel. It is known to help create a strong link to your higher self and your angels. It is said to fill you with deep, healing inner peace, and open star gate portals for your soul to reach the highest spiritual realms.

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