The 3 Rules of a Happy Love Life

The 3 Ls: Lust, Laughter and Loyalty

As I ventured into relationships, I discovered that there need to be boundaries, limits and rules that help to keep relationships healthy. Speaking badly about your partner to your friends and family, for instance, is negative energy that gives them reason not to like your partner. Another gem is that you shouldn’t brag about how great a lover your partner is. This will encourage infidelity. Most importantly, don’t take advice or ask for advice from anyone about relationships unless they have been in one for at least five years.

1. Lust

When a person is looking for love, the first thing that attracts them is the chemistry (even if you meet over the phone or the internet, there is chemistry). I didn’t think it was possible, but put to the test, it is indeed a fact: chemistry can and does come through. In other words, the “lust” for the person is there—in person, phone or on the computer. You can feel it. Have you ever noted how long the “lust” lasts in your relationships? As the saying goes, “the honeymoon is over.” Is this you after three or four years? Has your love life gone flat? Keeping the “lust” alive is very important and very hard. It has been said that it’s easy to fall in love, but keeping it going takes work… did you sign up for this job?

2. Laughter

A good sense of humor or a quirkiness that makes you smile—and most of all, laugh—builds the foundation for a good relationship. If your partner can make your frown turn upside down, they’re worth keeping. Being able to laugh with your mate is one of the greatest joys there is. It’s a fact that the two of you are having fun, bonding and connecting on a higher level. If your mate doesn’t get you and your humor falls flat, the relationship could be doomed.

3. Loyalty

Feeling safe comes with loyalty, a must for a relationship to last. Loyalty comes with wide or narrow boundaries depending on the depth of the unconditional amount of the love you share. Knowing that there is no lying or cheating is the greatest gift you can give your lover. Keeping a person safe in the fact that you love only them, without any games or sneaky activities, will bring long and deep loyalty to your relationship.

The beginning of a relationship is full of lust. Keeping that ongoing is a challenge but one worth the effort. Keeping the laughter alive allows true feelings to exist in the happiest of realms. Staying loyal hinges on the lust and laughter you keep in your relationship…

Most relationships start to suffer around the four year mark—if the lust dies down, the laughter also diminishes, leaving both partners looking outside the relationship for the sex and fun which in turn breaks down the loyalty. Keep the three Ls alive.

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11 thoughts on “The 3 Rules of a Happy Love Life

  1. narelle

    i have been with my partner for just over 4 and a half years. We laugh and play more now then we ever did and have a very actived bedroom life (more then ever before). I hope we are not still in the honeymoon period i hope this is just us..

  2. Quinn ext.5484quinn

    dear patti,
    the object is not to find all of the three L’s but to allow them to happen. 1. attraction 2. being able to laugh 3.being faithful/loyal
    these three things are organic or natural elements of life – let the universe know what you want. and as you said friendship, playmate, lover – another triple dose of relationship magic.
    enjoy your summer…
    -quinn ext. 5484

  3. Quinn ext.5484quinn

    dear rose, my heart goes out to you as i truly understand your situation. it is good to laugh as it is medicine for your soul and spirit. i am happy your husband told you he loves you.
    my prayers are with you both.
    psychic -quinn

  4. Quinn ext.5484quinn

    dear rose cocca, my heart goes out to you as i truly understand your situation. laughing is good medicine for the soul and spirit. and i know your husband loves you very much even though he had a hard time to say it.
    many prayers to you my dear…

  5. Patti Bruman

    This makes complete sense to me. When I have began a new relationship I’ve said there were three things that I needed: a friend, playmate, and lover. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find all three.

  6. Rose Cocca

    i cannot break my marriage because hs is dying,..i will get call any day…he knows that he dying..because he told me i am a good wife..he never gave me a complement in all our marry life…i been crying all i start to get me out of my mood…and i dont care what people think..

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