Summer Highlights

Psychic Summer ext. 9898 has shared tons of inspirational advice over the years that she has been a California Psychic. Please enjoy some of her most memorable quotes.

On relationships:
“You may not want to believe me, but I see this as a true love story… Just let the relationship take its course naturally. After all, a watched pot never boils.”
From An Unexpected Prediction

On connecting with callers:
“With a great connection, I always believe that our two souls were destined to meet. I get goosebumps and I know they begin to feel more secure and guided. Often a bond is established which continues into future readings.”

On seeing spirits:
“I began seeing and feeling spirits at a very young age so my family nicknamed me Spooky. Since that day, I have been visited many times from many different spirits, and they seem to find me wherever I am. It’s just something I’ve learned to live with.”

Have you read with Psychic Summer? What guidance has she given you?

7 thoughts on “Summer Highlights

  1. carol

    Summer is a gift. I have been reading with her since Sept. 2009 and I have to say that she has been dead on with her predictions right down to the timelines. I always come back to Summer because she gives me hope and leaves me feeling so good about everthing. I cannot wait to see what happens over the next month. Thank you!


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