Your Numerology Forecast: Your Afterburners Kick In

Don’t be surprised if you feel like your afterburners have kicked in and you’re headed for the stratosphere this week. You’ve had time to get comfortable with this Universal 6 Month and absorb the energy blast courtesy of Mars’ return from a long retrograde period.

Now it’s time to get ready for even more dynamic energy going off like popcorn all through the week, as Mercury (mind) and the Sun boogie with Uranus (freedom and change) and Mars (will and ego). There could be a bit of tension when all this dynamism goes head-to-head with Saturn (responsibility) or Pluto (power issues) on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, but if you keep your cool you’ll be able to see things that appear to be obstacles or challenges in a clear, new light.

Week of March 15 – 21, 2010

Monday – The softness of the New Moon in late Pisces will add a lovely glow to this 3 Day, contributing some softness and glamour to the racing processes of your turbocharged mind. Be ready for bolts of insight.

Tuesday – With the Sun on top of Uranus, the planet of change, freedom, and invention, the transformational energy of this 13/4 (1+3=4) Karma Number Day gets a tremendous boost.

Wednesday – The out-of-the-box creative genius of this 5 Day, teamed up with the mental planet Mercury’s action with Mars and Aries is just too exciting to sleep through. Be ready to roll.

Thursday – The domestic and community focus of this 6 Day, combined with a visit by stern Saturn, asks you to slow down a bit and consider the consequences of all the things you’re ready to start.

Friday – This 7 Day’s ‘think tank’ approach to life is a golden opportunity to really scrutinize, refine, and plot a course for the amazing ideas and activity of the week so far.

Saturday – This may be the weekend, but you probably won’t have any desire to vegetate. The combination of an entrepreneurial 8 Day, the Sun entering Mars-ruled, active Aries and Mercury’s tense interaction with Pluto (power issues) create both tension and opportunity.

Sunday – The end of the week is the end of this cycle, bringing the global and humanitarian perspective of this 9 Day to bear on the Sun’s energetic interaction with Mars and repressive Saturn. The early influence of a positive meeting of Mars and Saturn tomorrow means that you’re more likely to be successful instead of frustrated.

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