Seduce Them Mind, Body and Soul

Connect to Them on a Deeper Level

Inasmuch as we are complicated beings made up of many parts, it makes sense that what feeds and seduces our minds will differ from that which will seduce our bodies and our spirits. If you are looking for that deeper connection with someone, you will want to connect with and attract them, on all levels.

The Appetite of the Mind

Successful relationships involve learning all you can about a partner’s interests, dreams, work and play. Do research when you have to, but allow your mate to talk about him or herself, as well. Not only does this validate a partner by your show of interest, but if you can stimulate another’s mind through your knowledge, that is a heady form of seduction indeed.

“Remember that your mind, body, and soul belong solely to you.” – Psychic Agnes ext. 5400

The Pleasures of the Body

Physical attraction and chemistry play a huge part in seduction, so knowing what physical qualities your partner likes is key, as is knowing what is a turn on (and off!). Find out and pay close attention to how your mate likes to be touched. Observe what clothing and scent elicit compliments and then wear them more often. Watch for the hunger in your lover’s eyes through your touch, scent and taste so that you can offer those delights every time you are together. Putting your mate’s pleasures first is a selfless act, which can score you major points in the area of physical seduction, and keep him or her coming back for more!

“If your love life is not alive with support, happiness, and appreciation, seek the ‘why,’ ask your psychic.” – Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625

The Yearning of the Soul

Perhaps the most challenging of all to seduce, the soul runs the deepest. As it holds your strongest desires, fears, hopes and pains, connecting with and seducing another’s spirit requires the most work but has the greatest potential payoff. Making your mate laugh, listening to them cry and supporting their dreams are all winning strategies. Share yourself with your partner in the same way, for no relationship is one-sided, and we want others to connect to that deeper part of us. It is imperative that we feel another’s desire for us to connect with them.

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13 thoughts on “Seduce Them Mind, Body and Soul

  1. Stella

    I’ve been talking to some one for almost a month, and I would like to know if all he tells me is true. If he is honest about him loving me only. Is he honest?

  2. LEO

    one word “PRIDE” im a leo you figure it out i got a date with life and life doesnt wait i got my soulmate by my side if youre anything like me with someone next to you then its not about what you dont have , because then all thats left to do is…LIVE, and LONGLIVE my freinds let your strength deep within comeout to play cuz ya both are lookin at a brand new day!- LEO

  3. Angelica

    I Love My Baby He Knows Exactly How To Turn Me On ( Without Even Touching Me ! )
    He excites My Mind Body And Soul . I Just Hope I Do The Same For Him .. “/

  4. sofia hinojosa

    jenna, please give me advice what should i do should i wait for who !please let me know what choice i have please tell me ,

  5. Ryan A.

    I just love my mate for truly studying up on me very well as she truly understands my tendencies equally as I do with her 2! Plus, I enjoy her constant and consistent abilities in truly keeping me enticed 2 her mind, her heart, her body, her soul, and her spirit in the very same way that we do things equally well with each other at the highest levels of our relationship 2! Simply, she truly makes me very happy willingly and unconditionally as we share and experience the gr8t love with, for, and to each other on equal levels that makes it truly worthwhile for us 2!

  6. julie raines

    im supposed to go to california sometime next month to start singing, wont stay forever, will be coming back. should i go?

  7. kalusa Alexander

    In fact i am getting what most I would not get from my friends back here, but nevertheless I would like to get more insight about seduction to women. is it possible to have everlasting love between Virgo man and Gemin Lady?

  8. lost

    What if your partner only cares for you when you go down on them. When you see one another its all about sex, he stopped kissing you on the lips or at all. When hes gotten off and sometimes when he hasnt he just runs out the door. Saying something like, ill call you in a few hours or something, but never does.

  9. Peter

    Seduction is simple and at the same time difficult to master. It not everyone we meet that can be open to us, many pretend alot. It is very complicated.


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