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The first time a marriage hits a rough patch, it can be difficult for couples to honestly believe that they’re not on the verge of divorce. Even good marriages suffer periods of endless arguments, uncomfortable silences and circling disappointments. But when there’s genuine love between a couple, learning to fight for your relationship can make a marriage stronger, tells Becky ext. 9605 from years of experience rescuing the relationships of her callers.

“As soon as I tune in on the person my client is asking about, it’s as if I feel I’m them. I can feel their happiness and I can feel their pain,” the Empath describes.

If the love is one sided, I let the caller know that their mate may have lost interest. If there is genuine love between them, but they’re hurting inside, my readings can give callers insight into how to begin the healing process. Of course, Becky reminds her callers that no reading is set in stone. We all have the freedom of choice!

Daniel is one client Becky remembers well, as the troubles in his marriage had left him saddened and unable to speak openly to his wife for fear of making things worse. In their 30s, with one small child, he had no idea how they had gotten to such a miserable place in their union of five years.

“Is my wife having an affair?” a terrified Daniel asked Becky, who specializes in love and relationships. He could not think of anything else that could have made their marriage go so wrong. The psychic asked him for a first name, which Becky explains is her gateway to feeling the other side of the story empathically.

“Jade,” Daniel answered emotionally, describing his wife as being as beautiful as her name. Becky immediately detached from Daniel (after all, “the caller knows how they feel,” the psychic explains) and began revealing everything she was picking up from Jade.

“Jade is not having an affair. She thinks that it may be possible that you are having an affair, because she also doesn’t understand what happened to your marriage,” explained the psychic. “She says you sigh a lot… You are grumpy. You’ve lost your passionate side. She’s feeling like you are still intimate with her out of an obligation you may feel towards your marriage. She admits that she is being distant out of hurt and fear. She’s nitpicking at you about everything from leaving bread crumbs on the counter to who’s turn it is to walk the dog.”

Daniel, was in disbelief. “How can you know all of this? Do you know my wife?”

Everyone asks me that, she confided to Daniel. “This freaks me out as much as it does you. I have no textbook explanation to how I do what I do. I just do it,” she told Daniel, just as she had explained her gift to many callers before.

“I have been upset about business,” he revealed to Becky. “This has nothing to do with Jade or my son. I’m crazy about them.”

“The negative energy you bring with you from work is stressing her deeply.”

“What can I do?”

Becky suggested an immediate plan which included a serious talk. “Don’t blame her. Take responsibility for your part of the problem. Be calm, and be gentle. And remember why you both got together in the first place. Think of the beautiful life, you had every intention of creating together when you married,” the psychic suggested.

Daniel hung up, excited and confident, that they would be able to work things out.

Weeks later, he called Becky again to report to her that he had taken her suggestion. He had apologized for his behavior and lack of communication. He told Becky that Jade had been frightened that he was going to ask her for a separation. “I’m so glad that you told me to be gentle with her,” he remarked gratefully.

“Things are much better, but I now understand how neglected she felt. Are you sure, we’ll make it through this?” Daniel asked Becky.

“I never saw a divorce, even on the first call,” Becky assured Daniel.

“Remind her that you never want her to feel that way again. Take the time to remember together why you fell in love and married. I see you rediscovering each other.”

“Okay! I feel better,” Daniel said confidently, followed by a huge sigh of relief.

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