The Fantasy Factor

Sexual fantasy, duplicity and adultery – what do they have in common, aside from contributing to the downfall of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer? They’re all manifestations of Neptune’s dark side. So it’s no surprise that Spitzer, who was recently linked to a high-priced call-girl operation, has an extremely afflicted Neptune in his chart. Let’s take a closer look at why this smart, successful man, who was on the fast track to being a presidential contender, threw it all away for Neptune’s seductive embrace.

The twin’s deception
First, let’s look at his Sun sign. Born on June 10, 1959, Spitzer has Sun in Gemini, the sign of the twins. The negative, two-faced side of Gemini certainly pertains to Spitzer. On the one hand, he appeared to be a devoted family man who, as a lawyer and public servant, sat perched on a moral pedestal by pledging to eradicate unethical behavior. On the other hand, he allegedly paid $80,000 for prostitution services from the Emperor’s Club VIP, an international call-girl organization catering to wealthy men. On March 10, 2008, he was caught setting up a tryst with “Kristen” (Ashley Dupré, actually), a 22-year-old aspiring singer who is at the center of the salacious scandal (more on her below). To many, Spitzer’s hypocrisy was his most damning transgression.

The ego
Still, just being a Gemini isn’t enough to cause such a spectacular fall from grace. Additionally, Spitzer has Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus in egotistical Leo, which give him tremendous pride and an attitude of entitlement. Spitzer was known for his arrogance and acting as if the rules didn’t apply to him. It’s astounding that even with his sophisticated knowledge of surveillance equipment that he didn’t think he’d get caught. He was blind to his own potential destruction, and that’s where Neptune comes in.

Neptune is your blind spot. It also rules denial. All four of Spitzer’s Leo placements are afflicted by Neptune in Scorpio, which clouded Spitzer’s judgment by allowing him to think he was invisible to the law. What’s more, Leo rules romance, while Scorpio rules prostitution. The clash between these two powerful signs made him crave a sexual outlet outside of his marriage.

But it was Neptune’s fantasy factor that sealed the deal for Spitzer. At its best, Neptune gives you high ideals and a strong connection to Spirit. However, it’s also the planet of fantasy, so an afflicted Neptune can make you completely out of touch with reality. Spitzer’s Moon-Neptune affliction says he needs to escape from reality and isn’t above using deception to fulfill his emotional needs. The afflictions to Venus and Mars indicate that for him, love and sexuality are fueled by fantasy – and the darker side of love. Fantasy beckoned, and Spitzer responded by supposedly hiring prostitutes who could be enticingly viewed online. Dream women to fulfill your every desire – at thousands of dollars per hour. Neptune at its worst.

The other woman
As for Dupré, an online source says she was born on January 24, 1986. She has Sun conjunct Venus in unconventional Aquarius. And both Aquarius placements are afflicted by Pluto in Scorpio, the planet and sign of prostitution. Most interesting, the astro-dynamic between Dupré and Spitzer undoubtedly contributed to his fall. Her Aquarius-Pluto influences form a powerful configuration with his Neptune afflictions, which changed both their lives forever. Quite fittingly, since Aquarius is the sign of change and Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. It was a fantasy gone horribly wrong, but one that may force both Dupré and Spitzer to live more authentic lives.

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