Love’s Reality Check

Maybe it's the fairytales, the love songs or the romantic comedies, but most of us have an idealized, romanticized perception of what life will be like once we're settled down with "the one." After all, ... read more

The Relationship Test

The newness of a relationship can take you for a nice long ride of discovery, excitement, sexual activity and pure emotional buzz. Down the road, the relationship settles in a little and eventually you ... read more

Your Ex Returns…

After healing from a painful breakup, you've moved on and are feeling better than ever - dating someone new! Those nasty little wounds from your previous relationship are now out of sight and out of mind. ... read more
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Sexual Soulmates

Ah, chemistry. There is very little in this world as intense - or wonderful - as mind-blowing sex. When you physically connect with someone so deeply that it feels like getting into bed (or wherever), it's ... read more

Divorce is Not an Option

About 40% of marriages end in divorce, so it's amazing that the institution hasn't gone out of style! Couples continue to tie the knot around the world. Newlyweds continue to have total faith that their ... read more

Dating Young

Celebrities are doing it, so are your neighbors, even your grandmother may have gotten in on the action. Dating young has become the soup de jour of the decade. Some applaud the movement, others judge it, ... read more
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What to Look For in a Partner

You've heard the advice before... make a list of the traits you want in a partner, be the partner you're looking for to attract them, give the nice ones a chance. And so much more. Well, we think there's ... read more

How Much Sex is Enough?

Do we really want more sex? We may think we do, but when real life comes crashing in - sleep deprivation, work stress, and that uber-libido challenge of children in the next room - dreams of sweaty nights ... read more
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