Psychic Success Story: Saved from Domestic Danger

Getting to Safety With Psychic Aid

Barbie ext. 9295 is a clairvoyant empath who has been reading professionally for fifteen years. After a life change, she consulted a psychic, who ultimately guided her to develop her own psychic abilities. To begin a reading, Barbie asks for your name and question, then she uses Tarot to connect to your voice and goes clairvoyant. Sometimes, she asks you to take a deep breath to clear the energy. Barbie enjoys dealing with all types of questions and issues, and describes herself as a “life coach with inspiration.”

We caught up with her, and she shared some incredible psychic success stories with us.

“One was named Maryanne. She had lost an uncle, and she was worried about her husband going to the funeral, because he was a raging alcoholic. She would call periodically to see if he would go. I said you’ll be OK; you won’t have any problems for a while. When something came up she would call me, and I would say, ‘Maryanne, there’s two ways you can handle this: Get him into treatment or leave him. If you don’t, he will harm you.’ She says, ‘He’s been to treatment and it didn’t work.’ Then I said ‘You have no other choice, you have to leave. He’s going to harm you.’ A week later I got call, and she said, ‘You’re right, he took his fist and literally broke the granite countertop. My child and I are fearful.’ I said, ‘I told you, you have to leave.’ It went on a few weeks, and I didn’t hear from her. I got concerned.

“Then she gave me a call and said, ‘Mom got ill and passed away, I have to go stay in her house.’ I said, ‘This is your answer, to be removed from him before he harms you.’ So she went and stayed. He would get to point where he would be good, want to make things right, and I would say, remember the countertop. And she would call back and say ‘He’s the same way.’ I would say, ‘You have no option. It’s going to come down to a divorce.’ She’s now divorced, in her mother’s home with a child who tells her every day ‘This is home, this is where we belong.’

“The ex-husband is in business with her, she hasn’t been able to change that. I told her, ‘Maryanne, you have to remember that at work the two of you are employees. Don’t engage him in anything else.’ She said, ‘You don’t know what that means to me, and to know I’m away from him.’ To women who think they have no way out, there is a safe place. They don’t have to live where they’re being abused on any level. She is my success.”

She also shared two more successes:

“Lisa was one of the very first clients I had on California Psychics. I told Lisa that she and this gentleman named George would end up together. She was divorced. Lisa called me in a panic, asking ‘is it going to work?’ What I said is, ‘Lisa, you have to learn to pull away. Live for you. He’s going to be with you, he’s available, there are other issues.’ Through this, I told her, ‘You’ve got to go back to school, occupy yourself. You cannot sit here and call me online to cry. I’ll help you, but you have to do something to help yourself.’ I said to go to school. She got her Master’s degree, and it was with the push and shove that I gave her. She let me know that things were improving between the two of them, but she still feels insecure. I told her, ‘He’s yours, don’t worry about that. The inner focus should be on you.’ she said, ‘Barbie, I’m on that bowling league you told me to go to, I’m doing it, I’m doing something for myself.’”

“Janice [another success] called me last night, and wanted to talk about son. Her husband had custody. She hadn’t seen him for twelve years. I said, ‘You will see your son in six weeks.’ He showed up, they went to dinner, and she said ‘We had one of the most marvelous meetings we’ve ever had.’”

If there’s one thing she wished that people would realize, what would it be?

“That they not hold on too much to the timeframe that we give them, but hold on to what we TELL them will happen. If we give them a timeframe, sometimes it won’t happen exactly that way. Timing is one of hardest things. Sometimes we’re right on it. Sometimes we’re off a few days. Sometimes by focusing on a specific time they hold it back from happening a little bit. Take the reading and the advice, and don’t hang on to the timing as much.”

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