Video: Karma and Your Love Life

They say soulmates are meant to be together. That feeling that everything aligned perfectly just at that right moment could be because of your karma.

A Magical Connection

Psychic Maeve ext. 5360 is a born medium who works closely with guides and guardian angels. In a reading, she can help you understand how karma is affecting your life. When we meet “the one” people often say it was meant to be. That feeling, that everything in the Universe aligned perfectly just at that right moment, could be because of your karma. In the video, Maeve illuminates some of the mystery surrounding how karma plays out in our romantic relationships.

Maeve explains that karma is like “a magical connection, a magnet, that pulls two forces or two people together… it happens so that we have no choice but to interact with that person.” This really rang true for me. When I met my husband, there were initially a series of miscommunications. We had separated during the evening at the concert where we had met, then found each other outside hours later. After we started dating, we briefly separated again, only to find each other at another event a few weeks later. We finally figured out that we kept reconnecting for a reason! And everything went smoothly from there.

It All Happens for a Reason

Maeve also says that karma happens “so that we can learn so that we grow.” For whatever length of time you are with your partner, there are truly no accidents in the Universe. A relationship may come along to teach you an important lesson you need to learn. Conversely, you may also be the provider of that important lesson or message for the person you find on your path. They say relationships arrive “for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” When we pay attention to the messages we’re receiving, we can learn our lessons and move forward to new and positive experiences in our connections with others. As Maeve explains, “Karma is an invisible force that draws us into a situation, circumstance, or relationship. And it all happens for a reason.”

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30 thoughts on “Video: Karma and Your Love Life

  1. Karen

    I had met this guy 21mnths ago and we keep going back to one another, on off if you know what i mean, he is 45 and I am 57 and I know love is blind though it also can’t count, I can’t get over the age barrier and his bad ways,ex: drinking till he falls in a gutter and getting kicked out of places, although he doen’t do this when he is with me as we never went out together I couldn’t work out whether he was jealous of me or embarassed to be out with an older woman. I had broken away from him last Sept. and felt free again even though I missed him started to go out with friends again and still am, though the weirdest thing happened I bumped into him on NYE wow how was that he said that that was a sign for a new beginning for us, I didn’t agree and he gets upset over it. All I can say when I am with this man and in his arms it is like the world could blow up and I would be in the right place happy and peaceful he says the same. He is now contating me again and I have told him that I want my freedom though I would love to see him if he wanted, he has finally accepted that and says we will take small steps though I feel there will never be a proper relationship as such though feel that what we have ia from a past life and Karma.

  2. MysticShooz

    I have two soul mates. One is my husband of 24 years and one is my Lover. They both came into my life as she stated. I know which one the Universe is pushing me too. In sorrow I will keep to my vows and loose my true love forever. I want to be alone. At this time I want neither.

  3. Diana

    To Heike:
    Have you ever tried to evaluate where you are looking for your mate? If you are looking at a bar but that isn’t the lifestyle you want to have then maybe you shouldn’t look at the bar. If you like books go to a library. It’s easy to start a conversation with someone by the book they are looking at. (for ex: is that author any good?) If you like coffee go to a coffee shop. (conversation ex: I’ve never had that flavor, is it good?)
    To Mark Taylor:
    I am glad that you were able to find a positive spin on your situation and I wish you the best of luck. It seems like you are taking things in stride and I hope you keep doing so 🙂
    To Andrea: Do you think you are settling by staying with your husband and truely believe that you will find happiness with this other man?
    To Marilou dela Cruz:
    Do you think you are giving up too much of yourself too soon? Have you thought about adding alittle more mystery to your persona to keep them coming? How about saying thinks like: “wouldn’t you like to know?” with like a raised eyebrow and sly smile when they ask you a question. Do you say what is on your mind, or do you say what you think they want to hear? It’s ok to disagree and it can spark an interesting conversation, it doesn’t have to turn into a fight.
    To David Connor:
    I’m pretty sure the saying is “if you love someone set them free, if they come back then they were always yours. If they don’t then they never truely were” Did you ever think that maybe she isn’t happy and because you were the one that walked away she thinks she set you free and is waiting for you to return to her? Maybe she needs someone to be her prince charming and come on that white horse and save her from the people that are taking advantage of her because things have gotten so out of hand she doesn’t know how to get them back to how they should be. It is her son you are talking about and as a parent myself I can see how it would be difficult to walk away from even though you know staying is not what is best for them. You never want to see you children fall on their face even though sometimes that is what they need to do to learn.
    To Maria:
    What about not waiting for Karma to take control? Are you putting yourself in situations or place where karma can bring you someone, or are you staying at home waiting for it to happen? If you want something you have to get out there. Go to that concert or on that trip to the place you’ve always wanted to go, even if you go by yourself you can still have a great time and others will see that you are having fun. You don’t always have to be with people to have fun, you can make your own.
    To Ramona:
    What about moving to where he got moved to or going on vacation to visit for a bit and see what there is to see? You don’t have to love from a far and maybe going there you may think that you are wishing or waiting for something that maybe you don’t really want to have.
    To Hailey:
    Have you ever tried to tell this guy that you love him and go for it? How about being angry and bitter, think of all the strength you’ve gotten because of that child you raised by yourself? You can face anything if you were able to endure that. Do you love yourself, or are you waiting for someone to love you so you think you are worth being loved? You are worth it, you do deserve it, you just need to believe it. If you believe in what is special about you then others will want to learn about it to. It’s never too late!

    I had a 5 year relationship that was not good. The mental, emotional, and physical abuse…ugh! I learned more in that 5 years then I probably would have in 20 years of failed relationships. I have 2 wonderful children that I love very much. I learned that loves comes in all forms. My ex and I have been separated for 2 years and I will never look back. We still talk because of the kids and he has had 2 or 3 relationships since we broke up and has said he doesn’t know why he can’t find lasting love. I told him that he needs to learn to love himself before anyone can love him. I told him he has to be happy with who he is as a person and where he is at in life before he’ll be able to find that.
    I have learned to love myself as a whole. I found my individual worth. I’ve learned to appreciate me and that it’s ok to be alone and happy. I learned that just because you are alone doesn’t mean that you are lonely. I’ve learned to love me for me. I’ve embraced all my faults and my quirkyness and I have come to find that my friends love me for me too. So I don’t have an intimate love (I don’t really want one right now) but I have love surrounding my life just that same. I have self love, friends love, and my childrens love. I will find intimate love one day but that isn’t today and that’s ok.

  4. John

    There seems to be a lot of hurting going on in many of these postings. I had a thought that possibly we may be misinterpreting what karma is delivering and substituting our own wishful thinking. I read a psychologist’s work a few years ago on 12 Yungian archetypes. She made the point that at midlife, about 35 for women and 40-45 for men, there has to be a shift in how we face the world. A crisis, such as a child’s death, a divorce, or loss of a job, usually precipitates this need for change: women need to learn the warrior skills that men have practiced in the first half of life; men need to learn the caretaking skills that women are so good at so we learn to love (not in a technical way). So women who are stuck being “good girls” must learn about defending their boundaries, especially if they are habitual helpers. There is a time to pull back and get off the stage once it is done. If we are stuck in a patter, the Universe will keep sending us new opportunities to learn the lesson, but if we refuse to learn, the consequences will become increasingly serious. I remember from my taxi-driving days I listened to a yong woman about 26 describe her desire to own a BMW. The first one she ordered was smashed up before she got it. The second one she crashed herself. I asked her if she was still going to attempt to own one of these cars. “Of course!” she said. I shook my head. I’m glad she never entered my taxi again for the rest of the story. Our guides are out there and we just have to learn to listen to them. They really do try to contact us.



  6. Nereyda

    I really believe in Karma, I felt Karma and I’m feeling it right now, I don’t play with Karma anymore, I’m so happy now that I was connected to the person I always wanted in my life!;-)

  7. Haliey

    I tend to agree with David Conner, that karma does not work. I’m almost 54yrs old, alone, have been most of my life. Except for the child I raised myself, I have been in love with someone for the last 2yrs now. I have never felt his strongly or passionately for someone as I have for this man. Of course we are apart, the natural course of my love life. I have learned nothing but to be bitter and angry that my love life has not worked out, not for lack of trying on my part. How do you move on when you know in your heart that this is the one person you want to spend your entire life with, would give up anything for. I can’t just turn off my feelings and open my heart to someone else. I love this man if he’s with me or not, I love him. I can’t imagine loving someone else. Thanks karma for the pain I’ve endured and pain like I’ve never known till now. I feel like a part of me has died. I’m dead inside.

  8. Sushma

    karma has also hampered my life…..exactly the way others have felt….i have also gone through these feelings……..but plz can anyone say me that do karmic relations go longer… they stay longlife…..does karma really send some special one who is going to be my lifepartner….plz i want to know this answer… my life depends on this answer….

  9. glenys

    yes, karma did exist, but some say the karma banks are now closed, as it’s believed there is a finite number of souls. try not to take the universe for granted, in that things will go your way regardless of the work put forth or not. karma will not be your friend unless you endeavour to learn from the lessons the universe gives. there’s always another chance, and another, and another…you must learn to understand. regardless of whether you condone it, like or dislike it, you must learn to understand it…. which leads to reincarnation, because according to Buddha they go hand in hand. do you really want to keep repeating this physical cycle because you refuse to see the lesson at hand and endeavour to understand? don’t try to change people, and if you understand you are indeed a teacher, find your humility….be humble in the face of what the universe has asked of you, not righteous. believe in the universe, but use common sense, and understand that “chance favours the prepared mind.” food for thought everyone.

  10. CAROL


  11. ramona

    I too am like david connor…I fell in love with the man of my dreams years ago and to my surprise he did come back in my life 8yrs later but we had another short lived love affair which I thought was destiny for us both. As we got to know each other again we discovered we always lived near each other from the time we were young on up to early adulthood. He also has the same birth date as my dad, he even wanted to purchase a piece of land were my mom passed away on.we even think he might have fathered one of my children by accident which I never realized back then because I dated him and another guy at the same time and I choose the other guy back then because I always thought he was the father of my child. But when we rekindled our relationship there are soo many similarites between him and my child that I never noticed before. And now comes the but….we both live in different states. And just when I was about to move back in the same state he lived in, his job transfered him to a different state so now he lives even further from me. My heart is soo broken and I feel his is too, is there ever going to be a chance for us to love one another? We still stay in contact but were he stay now is a warmer climate which comes very attractive women. We aren’t committed to each other so I feel I lost him again because I contact is getting less and less. Both of us would love to marry again but I just don’t see us marrying each other because we both aren’t spring chickens. So I feel your pain mr. Connor. I too love from afar and can’t get this man out of my mind

  12. Barbara

    To David Conner….

    Your situation also happened to me. But, as we know, relationships happen for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I only hope that I was an inspiration to the guy I was crazy about. I still think about him every day.

    “Someday someone will walk
    into your life and make you
    realize why it never worked
    out with anyone else” Anonymous

    I hope this happens for me…and also for you!

  13. Ophelia ext. 5078

    With understanding my own karma, I have to understand my own patterns and what in my life I react to and how. It explains why things happen a certain way and why those things mean something to me. I believe they are lessons I want to learn deep down. I hope to help others see these patterns and gain more insight into themselves and their desires and despairs.

  14. maria

    As a child growing up I always believed in karma that what goes around comes around. As an adult I always practiced treat other’s how you want to be treated. In all my many failed relationships I always thought to myself if I treat him right be honest and don’t cheat then he will do the same to me or if I keep being a good person one day I’ll find a good man that will treat me right because of all the good karma I keep putting out there. It hasn’t happen that way every Guy in my life was worst than one’s before now I’m saying to myself that it’s not a question of how karma works and affects us its a question of when does it come. I been waiting 16 years and haven’t had a decent Guy to treat me half as good as I treated others and that includes my mother , father and kids. So karma I’m here and waiting on you to make your next move hope you didn’t forget about me.

  15. elian

    It is comforting to know that there is a force in the universe–karma–that will connect us to the right person or lead us in the right direction in spite of us and our erring ways…

  16. Arseneau

    you should also deal with the 30% of US population that are Gay, Lesbian or bi-sexual, in and out of the closet, nature’s way of dealing with over-population. There are over 7 billion now and half of those are starving. Talking about gay relationships should be common.

  17. David Conner

    well i wish this was true about love and karma. i separated from someone over a year ago that i really loved. i had too leave because of a problem between deanas son and his girl friend. they are using her and con artists. i love her so much that i left was hopeing that she would have a desire too be with me. well she doesnt even know that i ever exsisted. i guess they still live there and and they are happy that i left. its been over a year and i still love her and miss her every day.deana said at one time that god put us together and it was karma. she said she loved me and we were going to be together for ever. well i miss her and cry sometimes about it. i was told that if you love someone let her go and she will come back. well that is not true. why do still care for someone that does not care anything about me? i dont understand why i cant get her off my mind and i hope she is happy. will there ever be some one else or will i ever be with deana ever again? i always hope some how we had another chance together and that she would see that these people are just using her and they dont care anything about her and dont love her at all. see karma doesnt work.

  18. Angela

    I truly believe in Karma. Something special about this person in my life now. Can’t put my hands on it but it just seems that he is in my life for a reason and we are meant to be together.

  19. Marilou dela Cruz

    why so many men comes along my way…but after knowing them for sometimes they will disappear with no words though i did the very best….Even friends after asking me some help and after helping them they wil treat me bad?just wondering? thanks

  20. Andrea

    I have a very unusual but strong karmic but difficult relationship with a man I met two years ago – I was not even supposed to be at the place I met him…. But extreme outside forces changed my plans so we would meet and be together for a week
    We both “knew” each other from our first introduction… He saw bright white aura and angels in my eyes and my heart danced toward him every time we locked eyes – since we did not know each other – it was frightening but powerful and spiritual –
    Yet we are from such different backgrounds and live half a planet away – I’m married and not available – he’s single but wants a close relationship – we are both religious and tied to our families… We cannot understand why we met but both feel magnetized to each other and feel we have a greater purpose for our meeting… It is karmic – it is as if our spirits have known each other forever – I have never met anyone that makes my heart feel such inner peace and joy just from seeing our hearing them – we both wonder why we have been guided and are so deeply knowing each other and spiritually attracted to each other if we cannot be together???

  21. Mark Taylor UK

    Very interesting reading, I often try to understand my feelings, why things happned or happen the way they do, some love lessons have been tough, and I often look back and think was there a reason? I often find that I can relate a lesson to a situation, I was put in care as a child, my god did that hurt! the emptiness, bewilderment, the disbelief and lack of control for a few years was unimaginable, I never fully forgave my mother, and in all honestly although we do not talk about it I am sure she never forgave herself. The point to all of this is I realise that it was probably for the best at that time as the person she met after a few horrendous years with my unpleasant father was her saviour and she allowed herself to be taken away by him and put all us children out of the house one way or another. I have found that the way to deal with this is understand her situation, she was surely sent her soulmate, trouble was he did not like children, although she effectively ran away, it haunted her, she tries very hard now I am sure to make up for it, in may ways she has helped me through some difficult times. The lesson? life is not all rosy, never will be, we will be challenged again and again, be careful what you wish for, as the Angels have ears! I on the other hand, swore I would never let my children go through that kind of emotional wretched pain I did, Karma arrived as I wished for a type of mum with a ready made family, they arrived! and I spent 20 years being the father they needed through some tough times and good times, I now have there love and respect! that is priceless. My lesson was to do good with my lessons learned. I now have my own daughter through a Karma meeting with the type of lady I wanted as my other relationship floundered and ended, karma delivered! however my relationship with that lady did not work out, and I am separated, from her mum who knows how to hurt me and keeps me away at all cost from my daughter, My lesson? I blamed my mum for years of abandoning me, now I realise it’s not as easy or as black and white as I thought. I know my ex girlfriend will eventually reap her karma for allowing her knowledge of my fear of losing my daughter and seeing it through, but I know karma will deliver eventually. I am just trying to be nice and understanding, in loving myself and loving others maybe it will return to me. Good article and comforting.

  22. Suzi

    Oh my, that is so true and so fabulously explained. I can usually work out why I’ve been connected with someone and it has made me grow enormously in the last 18 months. But, there is one particular person who I just can’t work out what is going on, we can’t stay away from each other for long, but things are not quite in alignment, it drives me insane. Thank you for this information x


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