Our Psychics Bust Dating’s Biggest Myth

Should You Dump Him?

This question has plagued many women over years of dissatisfying, unhealthy, or drama-driven relationships. While the fear of being alone or feeling comfortable in your misery can be tempting reasons to stay with him, there are other alternatives to help you make these tough decisions. Psychics can offer amazing insight and guidance, providing you with the tools necessary to analyze your relationship correctly. Let’s look at some tips our psychics have offered clients needing to decide if their relationships are over.

The Time for Reflection

Before taking action, it is important to know exactly where your heart stands. Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 says: “The first step is to get quiet and go within. How do you feel the relationship’s going?” Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500 advises: “Being observant and objective, in watching for a repeating pattern or cycle of behavior is key.” Psychic Red ext. 9226 spotlights our tendency to turn a blind side towards the truth: “Love truly can be blinding, especially when we want so badly to believe that the person we have given our heart to is actually worthy of the gift.” These psychics focus first on the very foundation of your relationship. Your higher self understands the truth of your partnership, and if you can access that part of yourself while observing the patterns of behavior between you and your mate, you will be in a spiritually healthy and strong place to make a decision.

The Time for Action

Facing the truth can be a difficult pill to swallow, but it empowers us to move forward and make better choices. Psychic Reed ext. 5105 says: “I often tell my callers that this is the real world. It can be cold and hard sometimes and you will not always get what you deserve – but you will always get what you settle for.” Here Psychic Reed illuminates the inclination for people in relationships to settle because they fear change or cannot believe that there’s someone better for them out there. Psychic Miss Krystal ext. 9192 advises that: “We must be willing and wanting to walk away…if not, it’s time to start accepting them as they are.” Psychic Miss Krystal is referring to those fence squatters out there who can’t seem to decide whether to leave or stay in a relationship. Either you scrape up the courage to end things or you accept your mate, faults and all. Never being completely in, or out, of the relationship is a miserable way to live, and both of you deserve better, whether or not it is with each other.

Our psychics can prepare you properly for this difficult spiritual journey, sharing their insight and abilities. As Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 states: “The Tarot gets me started on what’s going on, and from there I pull in the bigger picture and the details.” You need not make this journey alone; your psychic—offering spiritual clarity and guidance—is just a phone call away.

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10 thoughts on “Our Psychics Bust Dating’s Biggest Myth

  1. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    Thank you Alina,

    As psychics we have been given a gift and we want to share that gift with anyone who is willing to receive it. We are here to help you, guide you and give you clarity.

    Like Psychic Zofeya, my Tarot Cards lay out the overall situation, then my intuition guides me to help you find your deepest truth which will lead you to fulfillment.

    Thank you again Alina.

    Love & Light!

    ~Chloe (ext 9421)

  2. Dorathy

    My boyfriend id 31 years old and i am 30 years old,i want to get married right away so also him, but the problem s that he refuses to work ,says he wants to travel abroad, i am the only one working and i am tired of him always complaining that he dosesnt have or even asking me for money. what should i do? i still love him though.

  3. ayobami

    The topic is intresting and educative and well analysed.It s difficult taking a decision to move on despite partners unfaitfullness unless you are pushed to the wall.divorce is the last option.

  4. Natasha

    That is so true acceptance is the key to true happiness. In order to be happy in a relationship you have to accept what you got in order to be happy. Relationships are hard,without togetherness it will not work. If it don’t workout their s no need to make yourself miserable holding on to a broken limb. Sometimes you gotta move on your true love will come to you.

  5. Rose Cocca

    i think i got the best anyone can have…i am not getting out of this relationship…im staying..with all his faults…no one is perfect…i understand him..and i wont give him..up..no matter what in done in the past..i accept him the way he is…no regrets…i only wish im can get closer to him…he doesnt have to ask for my forgiveness because i believe and have faith in him…no matter what he has done ..i will never let him go…I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPEN IN THE PAST..i will accept it…

  6. cynthia

    I truly wish I could seek guidance from you,because my life is in such a mees. I married a fraudver a year ago sold my home, resigned from my job of ten years , paid security deposit n first two months on apt. That was a hour and half away so we could be closer to his job and kids. Then after being married one month on the alter this evil man said it was over and after the second of mental abuse he kicked me out. I lost everything. Courts don’t care, can’t afford an attorney, filed for bamkrupcty, trying so hard to find a job with no luck.so you see I need guidance but can not afford. Pray for me at least. Cynthia

  7. Molly Willet

    All your letters have been right on for me. I have been going through just such a situation and you have had just the right advice all along. It was almost creepy to log on and see just what I needed to hear each time.




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