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Red has been reading people since long before she even knew she was giving readings. “I was just correcting the adults around me,” she says. Given that she can pull some seriously random information out of the air, she generally asks you on what area of your life you would like to focus. The reading flows and information springs to life from there! Outside of her natural gifts and abilities, she most often uses Tarot, a Crystal Ball, and a Scrying Mirror. Candles and incense are always burning in her office as they are also useful tools. She says, “My karma is entwined with every word and everyone I read for. I hope to connect with you, address your concerns, and leave you with a sense of knowing and/or peace. I want you to be better off than you were before speaking to me, even if I have to tell you something you wish not to hear.” Red shares what she sees, good or bad, and she relays it directly, not cruelly. She lights the way, but know that the hardest work lies ahead with you.

Time with California Psychics: > 7 Years

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Psychic Videos: Getting to Know Psychic Red
A psychic can help you discover hidden paths, provide insight to a dead-end situation and find the answers you’ve been looking for. Psychic Red ext. 9226 explains that a psychic reading can provide clarity in love, career or on anything in life.
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