Money Matters: Can You Mix Business and Romance?

Keep a Clear Head and Open Eyes in Business… and Love

Lisa from Kennesaw, GA asks:

I have been networking and learning about the business side of the technology idea that I have had for quite some time. I’m at a point where my next step has become unclear. I have a plan to begin creating an online course with a friend to be my first endeavor. This friend may be a bit unsure of our business aspirations by confusing them with the status of our possible relationship. Should I proceed with the business relationship and not address the other possible romantic implications of anything other than a business friendship?

Psychic Abrielle’s Response:

Lisa, your question is such an important one for all those are anticipating relationship situations in business situations. For you, Lisa, and all our California Psychics readers who are currently in or who are starting businesses with friends, families, or soul-mates, I’m psychically being shown three images. The first is of an open dictionary, the next is of a spelling bee, and the third image is of prize winners who are receiving a big check.

The first image of the open dictionary relates to how you want to conduct your business relationship, Lisa, especially and always with someone you are close to. My guides are reminding us all: What are we doing when we open a dictionary? We are looking for clarity and explanations. This should be the first step in proceeding with your partner.

I am seeing that the guidance for you, Lisa, and all our California Psychics clients is that in relationships mixed with business situations we must clearly define expectations, roles and responsibilities, as well as timelines. This is critical in a start-up business. I’m hearing from my guides that as much as we want to trust someone who is close to us, we still have a responsibility to be clear in how we create and conduct our business, because that will determine our success and business longevity.

And the next picture of the spelling bee is especially interesting, Lisa. I feel that it’s psychic guidance for you, specifically regarding how to handle whether you and your partner will have a romance or not. My guides are especially strong about this message for you, Lisa. They are saying that, like a spelling bee, don’t be afraid to spell it all out in the open as you have your initial business planning sessions.

For Lisa and all our California Psychics clients who are looking to start businesses where one or the other is romantic and the other is not, or even where both are romantic with each other, my guides are reminding me that spelling it all out is especially urgent. They are showing me a picture of a rough sea and then a calm harbour to illustrate their point that romances can have both calm and rough moments, which could really impact the future success of the business.

Lisa, the third picture of the prize winners shows me that you’re on the right path with your business idea. I see you and your business partner having a positive business future which includes financial growth and a happy business partnership over the next several years!

My best thoughts, Lisa, and to all our California Psychics clients on starting a new businesses with friends, soulmates and families. You are all on the leading edge of creating a new business model!

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3 thoughts on “Money Matters: Can You Mix Business and Romance?

  1. kelvin belle

    can you please help me with some money to pay my home morage our gave somenumbers top play the lotto so i can win for the next draw

  2. Callie Chesmore

    Dear Abrielle,

    I recently got laid off after working for a company for 4 years. I was caught by surprise.

    My question is this…I have been wanting to move to the east coast to be closer to my sons
    and grandchildren. My husband doesn’t want to move and won’t budge. I feel now is the time for me to go. I can look for a job there as easily as I can here. What do you see for me?
    I would have to start over, I am 54.

    Thank you kindly


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