Date and Love a Sagittarius

The Archer and the Moving Target

To date and love a Sagittarian, you have to be a free spirit and always ready for new adventures. If a Sagittarian is interested in you, it’s because they find you exciting, captivating and they’re hoping you can take the romantic heat that this fire sign is going to bring.

Born with a love of challenging conquests and the mind of a philosopher, they are constantly in search of the undiscovered and the unknown. A person who puzzles them and keeps them on their toes will ultimately capture their hearts. Boredom is not an option, socially or sexually. Feel free to try new things with them; they’ll never say no. To find out if a Sagittarius is right for you, call a psychic now!

Date a Sagittarius

As the perfect match for fun-loving, jovial Sagittarius, you’re comfortable and secure, and you don’t mind getting separated at a cocktail party. Always remember, the harder you cling, the more Sag will resist. So while he’s off telling tales of his most recent adventures, you’re chatting up friends about your new wild and crazy romance, while winking at each other from across the room. To guarantee you’re leaving with the same Sag you came to the party with, let them roam free, it will only bring them closer to you. Dating a Sagittarian is not the same as exclusively dating a Sagittarian, but if and when that day comes, and they are convinced of your compatibility, only then will loyalty be won, and it will be a big deal; they’ll be very clear about their intentions.

“Love and relationships are kind of like jobs, we change constantly until we find that right one that sticks around for the long haul.” – Lacy ext. 5494

You’ll find yourselves doing a lot of things outdoors. Sagittarians are nature lovers and they definitely prefer the open, expansive sky over ceilings and the wide-open road over walls. The Centaur loves to roam about the open woods and getting lost in the wilderness. At night, when there’s a chill in the air, you can rely on this fire sign to turn up the heat and keep you quite warm.

Love a Sagittarius

There’s no dimmer switch here. As with anything else in their lives, love for a Sagittarius is one of two things-on or off. While most people develop a relationship over time going from friendship to dating to commitment, Sagittarius will go from one extreme to the other and at their own quick pace. Sagittarians don’t like rules and they follow their own timetable. Any hesitation by you may frustrate Sag. They won’t understand, and they will likely mistake your delay for rejection. If you make a stand, though, and try to get your own way, they just may get even more turned on when they see that spark of fire in you; that would mean you’re rubbing off on each other, and that’s incendiary in the most provocative way.

Like their ruler, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, Sagittarians can seem larger than life itself, not just in the way they grab life by the horns, but in the way they love too.

“True love is like good take-out: 30 mins later you look for more.” – Berlin ext. 5370

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69 thoughts on “Date and Love a Sagittarius

  1. JoAnne

    Aries and Sag do gnite each other in the bedroom. But Aries do have a tendency to get jealous. I’m a Sg and im very commited to this Aries ut he think im cheating. Just have to becareful with Aries they are very secretive. When confronted they stay very quiet and cant give say the truth. I know he loves me, giving him to much space will llow him to think that you dont want to be with them. So, yes they like to be love on, make them feel scure.
    But when it’s over for the Sag i seem to not let go, i love to be in long term relationship, but dont like to be crowed or accuse of doing wrong.Being a Sag i love to talk and meet people but my eyes are always looking for my Aries. We are trust worthy and wont do any harm to any one. Sag dont like to e accused of cheating, Aries can cheat but cover it with a lie. Aries will look into your eyes ad lie. My aries done this to me .
    Becareful with Aries Sag’s. Cant help who you fall in love with.

  2. Jacqueline

    My comment is to Shiela. I once had a long-term relationship with an Aries. Should have married him. He was my best friend as well. Just know that with the Aries “all is fair in love and war”. (for the Aries that is – not for the other person) As far as I know that was never an issue with me. I don’t know how I would have handled it. I guess, know when it’s over it’s over and be private while you go in another direction. Unless of course if you two decide to marry. Either way good luck with that and enjoy ( I think the Aries can be a lot of fun).

  3. Samantha

    Is it a smart thing for two Sagittarians to be together? I enjoy being with him but as far as a life long partner is he going to be the ideal one for me and my kids? He is stabe and strong hes in the Army and we all love him so much please help me….

  4. Codie

    My ex-boyfriend and best friend is a Sag. Again, this article explains him absolutely perfectly. He doesn’t have a middle ground–it’s either here or there. And he really detests clinginess–unless it’s him doing the clinging.

  5. Randy

    I am A Sag. I just love christmas all the holiday spirit in the air. I’m 54 now But when I was 19 I met a pieces.once a Sag is truly there is truly committed ther is noway to turn us around loyaty is not even close to describe us. We are or we are not that’s that I love her so much but I could not change her disire for pot. when she smoked this she was so ill and disrespectful she even accepted a date in front of me. At the bowling ally. Hey even after i said that was it to her it was stumping my own heart. She tried after I told her not to anymore. About four years ago she was killed on her way home on a harly I was over her but still needed to go out and cry.Been married twice since me and her10 yrs the first with child. 12yrs the second with no child. But deep inside It was hid never been happy sense 8 yrs between marriages and it did not work I think I’ll take my bad luck on to the grave. Never made sense of the whole thing

  6. Sanjay

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your acetrlis or blog posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog: . I am going to aslo make sure to give you the proper anchor-text hyperlink using your website title: THURSDAY BLESSINGS |. Please make sure to let me know if this is ok with you. Thank you

  7. Bude

    OH dear that is so me, I am scorpio and I love sceerts, have a great belief in conspiracy theories, and revel in mysteries and wonders of all sorts, Husband and daughter, aries and cancer not really accurate but my son Pisces, I totally cracked up laughing, it just sounded like him. Amazing

  8. Purple

    I’m a Sag and I’m 31. I’m Single but right now I’m having sex and only sex with a Pisces for the past 3weeks. We had a one night stand 14yrs ago, and somehow we found eachother again. But before we started having SEX I told him that this is what I want just for us to be LOVERZ and FRIENDZ. Now he was to go out on dates and be more than just LOVERZ. I don’t want that not right now he knows that i just got out of a REALLY BAD RELATIONSHIP WITH AN TAURUS…… so I’m just looking to be LOVERZ … what’s wrong with that you knew what i wanted why STOP NOW ……. THE SEX IS AWESOME ….. I’m just not ready to date a PISCES never dated one before I’m a bit nervous. I think we should still have SEX and see what happens ……. Just being HONEST

  9. Judy

    I am an older Sagittarian woman on the cusp of Scorpio. It is definitely true that I like a challenge and to try and figure out a complicated personality. I have known a Virgo man for 6 months now. We had an intimate relationship for about 2 months when we first met and then he backed off and said that he just wanted to be friends. We continued to communicate almost every day on line. I sort of resented him for being intimate with me which I thought was a good thing between us; in fact I know it was, but for some reason, he wanted to explore the friendship a bit more. Sometimes when you rush into intimacy I think it is hard to see the “real” person when the glasses are fogged up. Anyway, now, as I have detached myself from him, I can see that Virgos are not really for me. They are not free spirited; they are rigid, a bit controlling, their way or the highway and are just too much of a “ducks in a row” person for me. They dissect everything, profess to know everything, scrutinize everything. They don’t really, in my opinion, know how to just plain “have fun.” They take life much too seriously. As I don’t mean to sound like I am “sour grapes” because he backed down from our intimacy. I think he just plain didn’t recognize a good thing when he had it, and it is his loss, not mine. He has deep-seeded issues that I just can not deal with at my age. I am dating another Virgo man, just so happens, and he is exhibiting the same finicky, controlling qualities, and if this one doesn’t work, I am definitely staying away from Virgo men. It is just plain not a good match for me. I am just too happy go lucky for this sign.

  10. Gloria

    I am a Sag, and it gets me angry when i always read that we are not faithful in relationships. I have always been and always will be faithful in my relationships. It is true that I have a problem with rules and regulations and love a certain amount of freedom. I am a very friendly and warm person and I treat others with respect, kindness, and thoughtfulness. So, there must be an exception to every sign, not all traits are exactly the same in any one sign….

  11. Dar;ene

    I am a Sag in love with a Libra, we dated over 34 years ago, it was wonderful, yet I walked out of his life. (literally), I had fallen in love with him and he had baby momma drama. I married someone else and he went to California. I was in California,
    lready. I married again and moved back to New Jersey. He inquired about me to my brother and found out I had married. He wrote a book and lived in Maryland, I divorced and moved to Maryland Neither one of us knew. He had been looking for me and couldnt find me.
    He started looking again and found me through my daughter. Im so in love with this man again! Hopefully I wont walk away again.

  12. debi

    I am a sag. I gotta say, this is very true. I am always interested in the mysterious guy. I wanna figure him out. I like, no, I love the challenge of snagging the guy who seems out of my reach somehow, yet once I get his loyalty….once the challenge is gone, so am I. I hate this about myself. I was married 20 years to an amazing guy and was very loyal to him for 18 years. I dont know why, but suddenly, I got bored. Have not met anyone since that wowed me like he did. I did have a passionate, intense thing with a Leo for awhile. Both of being fire signs, I think we ignited into an explosion, and destroyed what we had. I can tell you this…I hate clingy men. i want some freedom, and when I get it I am more likely to wanna be with him. I am a super hard working woman, and want to succeed, but I get bored and need a change. I need excitement in my life.

  13. kalea`

    i have dated a sag for the past year and we had all sorts of adventure together we were happy and he just became controlling and stuck to my hip 24/7. He was and always will be the man i love he is everything i wanted and i have been looking for but i dont know what to do anymore with him i keep going back and he keeps breaking my heart. And now he is with someone who wants to change his ways lucky me

  14. Renee

    I have been with a sag for the past 12 years and over the last year and a half, he has become the most self-centered, immature, liar, and cheater that I have ever met. This man persued me for 5 years, I finally gave in and said i would be with him and things were ok for the next 5 years but something changed in him and wow, your description is exactly the Sag I know. The biggest problem why I am having a hard time letting go and moving on is because I love him and I know the good in him, this man used to do anything for me, would shower me with affection, call me 500 times a day, but now all I get it bulls**t. I have pulled back completely and I am calling him out on all his s**t and now he seems to be trying to get me back, he just assumed I would always be there, well I made it perfectly clear, either he changes or I am gone. I am starting to see some of the old him but at this point, it is not enouhg, he will need to kiss my ass for the next I don;t know how long before I acutally forgive him and allow him the trust and respect he wants from me. I do not trust him and I have no respect for him at this point, but I know he is a good man underneath it all, he just needs to find the person he used to be. So yes, this description is to the tee for a sag.

  15. Natasha

    @ Sheila I am currently seeing a Sag & I am an Aries. I have only been dating him briefly but I am falling already. He is however hard to read & I think he has a few other women. His intentions are still unclear but we click & have a great deal of chemistry. I am trying not to crowd him or come on too strong but Truth be said I just want to blurt out “Hey spend the rest of your life with me” I am being patient & not saying a word. I would like to know from any other sag’s is this the right thing to do?

  16. Maria.d

    Renita I agree with you Im a sag too 24 years old and often got told Im intimidating and too lively, and most of the men in my past relationship can’t keep up with me because im very outgoing and spontaneous and I hate being bored it’s frustrating.

  17. Renita

    I am a Sag 29 yrs” this is a description of me is to the ‘T’ i am also very sporty and love fishing too. The downfall is that the guys I have dated are not so lively or say they are intimidated buy me yet I am such a soft and very friendly person.

  18. Sheila


  19. Cheryl

    I have a freind that is a sag since 2005 and we had an affair at the time and than he got caught with his wife. I never heard from him for about 6 years and all of sudden he shows up this summer 2011 on and off and in November I started to see him again. I really fell for him in 2005 but i knew he was marreid so I couldnt’ do anything about it and I was getting divorce at the time. Six years have passed and now I have a 4 year old with another man and this Sag came back into my life. I think I’m starting to fall for him again and I’m trying not to get my feelings hurt again but I don’t know what he wants from me. Does he want an affair or does he want a relationship with me. This time around is not so easy because i have a little girl that is 4 and loves her Dad and she will be the one to get hurt if i go with this Sag. this Sag is still with his wife but says he wants to leave but doesn’t want to hurt his grown children so I understand him. But why did he not come see me after he got caught cheating with me in 2005 I would have gone with him in a heart beat. It’s so difficult now please anyone has any suggetions on what i should do………

  20. Nena

    Yes, that is true for us. As far as us moving on when people hesitate: I know that’s a big problem with us. We just don’t like to waste our time if someone doesn’t fancy us. However, we tend to kick ourselves in the butt when the person DID fancy us, but had to think things over.

  21. Angel

    I am an aquarius, i guess it’s true what they say. But it seems this is the only sign that sparks me off. We been together for five years. It’s not all roses and petals but it’s a roller coaster ride from one extreme to another. But once they are caught for true it’s for life. And about the space they really need that! But then i like my space too!! It somehow just clicks! Surprises are always ard the corners and fights just sparks more fire in the bedroom.

  22. sasha

    I dated a sag, years ago, he cook and clean and bake, he was good fun, very dimestic man, but dam, when my back turn, he was calling my sister, to have sex with her, for 3months. i was so piss, never date one again, there not to be trusted. the problem is i see to always, keep meeting sagittarius men. run dont even bother to chat with them..

  23. dipuo

    Iam in a relationship with a sag, their wild nature can be a bit too much sometimes but they are ppl we would love to hate sometimes. Our son is also a sag n he is so wild. Iam a virgo n i find that i can not keep up most of the time n the sag will not sacrifice anything.

  24. adeshola

    It’s fun all through if u get lucky to date a sag. they could withdraw if u they are not convinced of ur intentions but once they are conviced; then u have a loyal and caring lover all through. I have one as a friend and she’s as committed and loyal to me (a female friend ) and even more loyal and committed to her husband who’s not always around. I can bet u dat she doesn’t lie and would never cheat anyone. Her name is Abibat.

  25. Dedee

    When I first met my sag it was love at first sight. Total complete love. Almost 2yrs later nothing has changed. He is all the things that have bin described. My b-day is dec.24. Hope I’m not just hanging on for heartache. So it’s not his fault he is so selfcentered? Goes off the deep end. Plays video games like its so important? Good thing he’s got a good side.

  26. anglecat

    I am a sag and i am 21 yrs old. I am currently dating an Aquarius and i think we are meant to be together. we used to be best friends @ highschool until last yr we decided to take it to the next level…last time i read on my compatibility articles that sag Vs Aquarius compatibility is like true love…..oh wow…he’s the man of my dreams and my true love

  27. Darlene

    so true but depending on other planets, we can be loyal, maybe not happy being loyal but will because honesty is important to us, also the big picture, I stayed married over 30 years because of my kids, now I am free to find a true companion, & like the story says, once we see that target we want – we can turn up the heat…..

  28. selina

    i am a sag and we can be very fun to hang around with i keep my husband and kids in a very good mood i’m the fun one in the family lol so they say .this is so very true acupple of things i don’t see in me thoe but most of it i do.

  29. Sara House

    I am a Sag and wow, do I relate to all of this. I’m in love with a Libra and it just all sort of happened in the last month. And he is sort of mysterious and interesting, deep and outdoorsy…but lives a million miles away…I have the urges, when I don’t hear from him daily, to stop breathing and be gone, but he’s just so damned alluring and sexy to me – and probably because he’s so ‘non’ commital and elusive…I don’t even care though…I want him and I will have him, by God…I think I could have found my soul mate – it’s very luxurious in some ways how it’s just ‘happening’, but in others, kinda sheer torture and scary, cuz I feel so ‘committed’ to him already…don’t wanna think of or be with another…and I haven’t even ‘physically’ met him yet…but on a ‘soul’ level, I’ve seen my heaven…in him.
    But, I know that physically, when we do hit it, and we will, it’s gonna shake the earth of its axis..I can predict that much!!!! Oh, I hope it’s a good match!!

  30. Wusi Wusik

    I dated asag and they seem unreliable, unpredictable. One made a fool of me when actually was hiding another man’s pregnancy from me. I loved this gal and we contuned seeing eachother after giving birth. Kept assuring me we wud settle together sadly when the relationship gets hotter, the next minute it dies out. i however feel we like eachother

  31. gina

    my ex was a sagitarius, and at first it was good, and then it got to be horrible. they are sneaky and like to lie alot, they are also lazy, and want someone to take care of them. maybe they are not all like this, but the one i had turned out to be.

  32. hunter

    I have been married to a Sag for almost 19 years. I enjoyed dating him but, as soon as we got married, things went downhill when I realized he would never grow up and become responsible. I thought we had a lot in common—nothing could be further from the truth. I have tried letting him do his own thing, etc. and all it has gotten me is a lot of loneliness. I am a Taurus and I once read that a Sag is absolutely the last possible sign I should ever be with and time has proven that to be true. I guess I am strange in that, when I get married or involved with someone, I actually want to be with the person and build a life and a home together. I don’t think this Sag gets that concept in any way, shape or form. I am just trying to pick up the pieces of my life now.

  33. sexyslim

    I’m in a relationship with a sag. It was great then it went to confused were good again. I care about him greatly and he cares about me too. I hope this it it. But I’m def takin my time. No rush for me or for him. We are in a good place learning each other and I’m happy to have met him. I’m an aries and we are very much compatible. I’ve been telling. My friends for years that when I finally meet a sag I know he will be my husband! Lol…but I hvnt told him that part….I don’t wanna scare him off, lol 🙂

  34. Dianne

    I dated a sag for 10 years, had his kids, and now he wont leave, He has plenty of space, a bit to much. He is selfish and its all about him. I have moved on. He did have that fire and passion, but like I said it is all about him. We make better friends than lovers, ( as long as we are not under the same roof)

  35. Evelyn Mavety

    i lived with a sag for 30 years and then he maried me .in april 3rd 2012 it will be are4th anaversary. and we have are fights ,but we never go to bed mad at each other. and a million times a day we tell each other how much we love one anther. we still hold hands when we walk and in bed to. thank you. he will be 72 on dc.10th this year and march 16 2012 i will be 65.

  36. sash

    I am dating a Sag and this is very true…Infact i have known him since my childhood….if you want to have something permanent with them you need to let them be free…any restrictions on them they will be like ‘what the hell’ but in a good way….they are free spirited and like their partners to be committed to them…they are really loving and very cuddly and they will never let you be cold….you can talk to them about anything…thats the best part……they joke a lot and they hardly get angry!!!!!

  37. Janine

    Fits us to a tee!! Just never heard it described so eloquently!! We are hard to love sometimes and you think you’re in, but alas, we will make that final determination…then man, look out!!! It could be love forever!!

  38. Ashkhen

    This is so true…It’s all about it’s funny u are discovered lol I’m a Sagittarius ,and i’m so happy to be that. It’s like life is me myself…)

  39. Teresa

    Well I am here to say that wow this is me of course. I am a Sag and the guy I have been seeing for the past 9 months is a Sag as well. Wow weird to know yourself and try to work it with another Sag. But DEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP Down I am truly in love with this man. Although he wants to call it off I will do anything for him. I am leaving it all in gods hands. And he does seem to be coming around slowly with all the problems he has to deal with right now. But I am soo In love with him. Wow its crazy trying to make it but I am not going to give up. Thanks to God things will work out I feel good about it. Love is a crazy thing, but when it comes to the same sign it is a little crazirer. LOL. This man is…………



  41. sandra horton

    hi i was married to a sag and the marriage lasted a yr i am a gemini and i’m a very serious person to me sags are immature and don’t want to grow up my ex will be going on 50 next mth and he still plays games thinking that, that playful part of him is all good they’re whorish, liars, and i’m glad we’re divorced jumping from one relationship to another is not fun anymore there comes a time when you must take your life to that next level thank you

  42. Jessica

    wow! I feel like someone looked straight through me. I am absolutly stunned as so is my fiance, on how acurate this description is.

  43. Queen

    This is sooooo true! I am now engaged to a Sagittarius and he is so full of life and wonderful…I love him so much and cant wait to be his partner in life…Just a beautiful being!

  44. So true

    I am a sag This article is so truthful it has completely described my personality and explained why some things happen like why i get bored with the same surrouning thanks for the info

  45. Julie Kells

    the Sag. that I have been getting to know over the past 2-3 yrs is very frustrating. Wonder at times if and when it will get off the ground…..goes from firey fast to a complete halt then back on. But there is something that keeps me attached

  46. alysha

    so true in so many ways . in fact im engaged to one … tho its not just the sun sign its the whole kit and kaboodle meaning you need to take into account their raising sign and their whole astro lineup too.


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