How to End a Karmic Relationship When it Stops Serving You

How to End a Karmic Relationship When it Stops Serving You | California Psychics

It May be Fun, but is it Good?

Understanding and recognizing what type of relationship you are in is important, as not all relationships are healthy. There are several different relationship dynamics that we can enter into; some are easy, some are trying, while others can be detrimental to our well-being. Karmic Relationships are one of the more difficult relationships that we can get tangled up in. In a Karmic Relationship, the love is wild, and the conflict is even more so. You feel like you are on a nonstop rollercoaster of amazing highs and decimating lows.

Why Do Karmic Relationships Exist?

The reason we enter a karmic relationship is twofold: a) to break the cycles of bad behavior from past lifetimes and b) to learn how to heal any carried over damage so that we can move forward unencumbered.

Three Linked Relationships

Karmic relationships differ from Twin Flame and Soulmate relationships in many ways. A Twin Flame is believed to be the other half of our being, and that we become complete individuals again when we come back together. The true point of such a relationship is to help us learn who we truly are by learning, embracing, and working on those fears that keep us from truly becoming who we are meant to be. Soulmates, on the other hand, are two separate souls that are extraordinarily linked, like keys that fit in the right locks.

Recognizing When it’s Time to Break Away

If the relationship that you are in has you hiding facets of yourself or feeling uncomfortable openly sharing your thoughts, fears, and desires, then chances are it is time to sever the cord. However, it’s never easy to end a relationship, especially a karmic one.

  • Seeing the situation for what it is. Many times, friends and family can see what we are blind to in our relationships. Listen to loved ones with an open mind if they express their concerns. No one likes hearing that they may have made a wrong choice, but if more than one person is expressing similar fears, then there may be something more there than just jealousy or lack of understanding.
  • You have had enough of justifying their behavior. If your partner is constantly acting disrespectfully to your friends and family, acts in a codependent manner, or you find yourself constantly making excuses for them, it could be a red flag. Have you hit your threshold for forgiving and excusing them?
  • Selfishness has become the norm. Relationships cannot thrive when one person is constantly in spoilt child mode. Recognizing that you are constantly the one doing all the giving and making all the concessions can be a huge epiphany moment in determining if you are ready to end a relationship.
  • There is constant fighting. Arguments happen, even in the happiest of relationships. But if most of your interactions are fueled by anger and resentment, then it is time to walk away.

Remember That You are Worth More

From personal experience, I know that for me, the first step was finally viewing myself as worthy and important in my own right. To both literally and figuratively stand up straight and like the person in the mirror. Start by recognizing your own importance and treating yourself gently with love and respect.

When you are ready to walk away, make sure you surround yourself with supportive friends and energies. No one likes to end things on a bad note, but sometimes that is the only way to end things. Assuring that you have a good support system can make this time less overwhelming.

Creating Healthy Communication

Karmic Relationships can leave us with very skewed ideas of how relationships are supposed to work, especially when it comes to communication. So, if or when you’re ready to try again, remember that it’s actually healthy to talk to each other about your likes and dislikes, along with these other tips.

Try to create an environment that is based on open communication and genuine interest in what the other person has to say. Using ‘I’ statements instead of accusatory ones can go a long way in getting your point across without the other person putting up their defenses. Focusing on positive changes and outcomes instead of negative expressions that use judgment, criticism, and blame is also an important aspect of maintaining an environment that is based on healthy communication.

It’s Not the End

The ending of any relationship can make you feel rather rotten, no matter the circumstances. Karmic Relationships are difficult because a genuine connection exists, it’s just never the connection that we think it is, but that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. These relationships exist so that you can learn important lessons about yourself, about what you need and want to thrive in the long run. Give yourself plenty of time after the relationship ends to get to know this new you, then feel free to show off the new you.

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4 thoughts on “How to End a Karmic Relationship When it Stops Serving You

  1. Jesse 9027

    As a certified past life regressionist, I’ve done hundreds of past life regressions and what I have witnessed the most is people being stuck in a kind of “karmic loop”. Karmic connections are hard to break but, sometimes, necessary. There a many examples of the distress caused in the relationship is actually part of the reason they were together. Many lessons come from pain. The trick is to not allow yourself to become jaded or cynical so you don’t lose sight of another karmic bond that will make you very happy for a long time.
    Good luck!


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