What is the Difference Between Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmic Relationships?

What is the Difference Between Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmic Relationships? | California Psychics

Destined Relationships

Do you feel connected to your partner in an extra special way? Perhaps you are in a new relationship filled with fiery passion or years into a relationship that still gives you butterflies? There are many ways your spirit intertwines with others, and you may have found your Twin Flame, Soulmate, or simply are in Karmic Relationship.

Twin Flames and Soulmates are sometimes used interchangeably though they have their differences. Karmic Relationships offer you the opportunity to learn and grow as a person once you are able to break the cycle. If you aren’t sure what kind of relationship you are in, you’re not alone. Many do not realize what kind of relationship they are in until they have time to reflect on how it has affected them.

What is a Twin Flame?

A Twin Flame is your spiritual other half—literally. Just like twins share the same womb, two people in a Twin Flame relationship share a single soul that has been split into two physical bodies. Some say you can find your Twin Flame in your last physical life; these intense relationships will offer both a spiritual challenge and the love and support to heal and overcome that challenge. You may be in a Twin Flame type of relationship if you and your partner are very similar, with common tastes and past experiences.

What is a Soulmate?

Unlike a Twin Flame, where you are matched up with the other half of yourself, a Soulmate is a separate spirit that you have a deep connection to. Many people believe that you will have multiple Soulmates throughout your lifetimes and that they aren’t always romantic relationships. Soulmates bring out the best in you and make you feel supported and comfortable in your own skin. You may have found a Soulmate if you feel like everything clicks, you have similar energy that flows with little conflict.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship allows you to learn a lesson you may have not mastered in a previous life. These relationships may push you to your limits or challenge you with an opportunity to completely change the current life path that you are on. That change in the road will likely end with you moving on alone. A Karmic Relationship doesn’t end with forever, it ends with a new version of yourself.

How to Break the Cycle of a Karmic Relationship

In order to move on from the cycle of a karmic relationship, hard lessons must be learned, and lasting changes must be made. The lesson of letting go may be the hardest one. While the love may be real in this type of relationship, being able to move on from it rather than trying to hold on is a lesson all on its own.

Lasting Lessons

Whichever relationship you are in, it is an opportunity to learn something about life, love, and yourself.

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