Feng Shui for Partnership

If you want to attract a partner into your life, or you want to enhance an existing partnership that seems to be lacking the zipididoodah that it once had, the ancient art and science of Feng Shui can certainly help.Here are some tips to consider:

The yin and the yang of things
Life is all about balance. In order to get that Chi (Qi) to flow freely in your life and bring health and strength, giving and receiving need to be on par. Are you an opportunist who takes and takes but never gives? Or do you give selflessly without speaking your needs? The energy in a relationship (and life in general) needs to move in both directions. You need to give your heart knowing you are taken care of, and you need to allow yourself to receive, signaling to the universe that you know your self-worth. If you see yourself as a ten, then you attract a ten into your life. Are you being loving with your lover? Give him a gift simply because he has graced your life.

The location of the lovenasium
Anytime relationship issues are at hand, especially personal ones, we have to consider the Lovenasium (a.k.a the bedroom). Ideally when you move into your home you should make sure that your bedroom faces a direction/aspect that is synonymous with auspicious flying star energies, says Feng Shui expert Jami Lin, author of the Feng Shui Anthology.

Flying Star Feng Shui studies how time and space affect your health, wealth and relationships with others. So the magnetic orientation of a dwelling, along with the year the home was built are important factors that determine the innate character of the house, according to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui.

For instance, you wouldn’t want your bedroom to be situated in Severed Fate or Burglary with Fire. The partnership will bloom if you are lying down in a positive aspect such as Youthful and Bright Future. You can also figure out which direction to place your bed based on his and hers birthdays. An expert can help you figure out what Flying Star energies correlate with your home.

Make space and live life clutter-free
Obviously, your bedroom is associated with the intimacy of a romantic relationship. As we’ve mentioned before, clutter is a big no-no in Feng Shui. Clutter anywhere inside the bedroom (and this means under the bed as well as hidden in drawers) will create a traffic jam of chi that won’t allow the love to flow, says Feng Shui expert Ellen Whitehurst. It can contribute to fatigue, lack of focus, and difficulty sleeping. When you and your partner are tired, cranky, and distracted much of the time, your relationship is probably not getting the quality attention it needs and deserves. If you are single, a cluttered bedroom will make it more difficult for a new relationship to get started.

If you don’t have a partner yet, it may be a good idea to clear a space for them. “That special someone who may be just around the corner might need a little extra shove from the Shui and the quickest yet most effective way to do that is to empty a drawer, make some room in the closet and push aside a little space in the medicine cabinet,” adds Whitehurst. Acting “as if” your partner is getting ready to make their move, will actually create energies that will help call in your partner-to-be.

It’s also important, if you’re looking for a new love, to get rid of anything that exists from any old ones. Love letters, pictures of the two of you together, old stuffed animals won at the county fair, they all have to go, says Whitehurst.

Tea for two and two for tea
Be sure to place everything in pairs around this room as well as this notifies the universe that you are willing to work in a partnership. Two nightstands, two candlesticks, and two sets of pillows say that ‘there’s no room for loneliness inside this space.’ If you have three of something, (three pillows on the bed?) remember that three is a crowd!

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