Live Like an Egyptian

Talk about girl power! According to Egyptian legend, Nuit, more accurately known as Nut (Noot) forms the gateway between heaven and earth. She is the goddess of the sky, and her celestial blue cloak is fashioned from the stars. Nuit is all that separates the ordered world from chaos, and she brings darkness at the end of the day.

Nuit is surrounded by stories of labor and rebirth. Each day at sunset, Nuit was said tp swallow her mate, the earth god Geb. He traveled through her body and was reborn each dawn. Another tale tells of the sun gently sailing up her legs in the east and across her body until it sets in the west. A mother figure to many of the gods, including the sun god Ra, Nuit is often depicted as a cow or a great sow suckling her piglets.

As a giver of life, Nuit is fundamentally connected to death and the underworld. She was known as friend and protector to those who traveled the land of the dead, and was frequently painted on sarcophagi as a symbol of safe passage.

Her symbols include a pot, turquoise mask, a star, wind, and the cow, which is representative of the unending regenerative energy of the universe. Mother, lover, guide and protector, Nuit has much to teach us about femininity and the cycle of life and death.

The power of creation
A goddess believed to give birth to the sun each day, Nuit is the epitome of all things creative. Put aside the time for whatever it is that you are moved to create. Paint; write; build; photograph. No one has the same set of talents and experiences you do; if you suppress your creativity, it will die within you. It doesn’t matter what you give birth to, so long as you continue to contribute your gifts and experiences to the universe.

Connection to all things
No man is an island, and women are especially synchronistic. We have an innate talent for understanding and sharing with others. Nuit was not simply connected to the world; she was heavens and everything it contained. Remember that, whether or not we’re conscious of it, everything we do is felt by someone, somehow. Every action is significant, so choose your path carefully, and trust that you are touching the lives of others.

Limitless possibilities
This is one of the few things that are truly infinite. Like the heavens and the stars, possibility and opportunity are inexhaustible. No matter how hopeless a situation or how inevitable an outcome, know that there will always be the unknown. You will have another chance, and another, and another…

Regenerative energy
Don’t underestimate the ability of the human spirit to repair itself. Just as new galaxies are continually forming, our bodies and our minds have an uncanny ability to bounce back from injury and to constantly evolve and improve. Give yourself time and understanding, and you may find you have all you need to heal yourself.

Nuit gave birth to the sun and the stars. She was the embodiment of maternity. If you are a mother, cherish your life-giving role. You have the honor and responsibility of introducing new life to this world, and their perspectives will forever be shaped by your influence in these years. Even if no one calls you Mom, you can live your maternal role to its fullest. Nurture your nurturing side. Acknowledge the ways that you support, protect and care for others. There are countless ways we can influence each other and the world around us. Nuit, sky goddess and protector, reminds us of the power that comes from caring for others.

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