Every Married Man’s Idea of Wife Material

There are 5 characteristics that every man uses as criteria for a wife. The basis of marriage or wife material means you pay attention and help take care of him.

Ever wonder how men decide between the girl they want to have fun with and the girl they want to keep forever? Why is it that some girls are seen as “marriage material” and others are seen as replaceable?

It’s a topic that has always fascinated me, and the answers are actually not what you would expect. Although every man will have his little personal checklist that he looks for in a woman, today I want to share the essential characteristics that every single man needs to witness in his partner before he’ll even consider getting down on one knee.

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1. She Can Pep-Talk Him

Relationships are founded on the idea of two people supporting each other through thick and thin. That’s why men are actually looking for a woman they think will be able to support them through their rough patches.

Let me explain. Men are not as tough as you think. Just like you, they want to know that they can have someone in their life who will cheer them on and pick them up when they feel their confidence waning. Relationships are all about mutual support.

This is why men love women who expect a lot from them. If a man sees that his girlfriend has high standards and expects him to live up to them, he knows he’s got someone for life. This is because he knows that he’s going to have to pick himself back up if he wants to impress her. He wants to be challenged.

2. She’ll Indulge His Hobbies, Not Ignore Them

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that it’s enough simply to leave your man to his own hobbies and give him space to do them without you. While it’s true that men do enjoy their “guy time” now and then, they would actually rather you take an interest and get involved in what he likes doing, whether it’s playing football, going to gigs, or watching foreign films.

You don’t have to be 100% involved in his hobbies, but it’s important to show a willingness to support him and enjoy it with him. If he plays sports, he’ll love the idea of you coming to watch him play now and then. If, on the other hand, you simply ignore his hobbies and leave him to get on with them, he’ll feel like you’re not really involved in the things that are important to him.

3. Takes Initiative to Surprise

Most men associate marriage with routine and eventually boredom. So it naturally follows that the only kind of women they see as marriage material are those that are going to offer endless variety. The type of woman who will take initiative to plan a romantic trip, or surprise him in the bedroom with sexy underwear, or do something special for his birthday.

As soon as a man gets the signs that a woman will keep surprises up her sleeve, he’ll never want to let her go.

4. Initiates in the Bedroom

In most relationships, it’s accepted that men want sex more frequently than women.

But this should never imply that it must be left to the man to initiate sex. See, sexual confidence is extremely important to a man. As such, women who make us feel sexually confident get a massive tick in the marriage department.

How do you make a man feel sexy? By ripping his clothes off and telling him you can’t resist him. Or whispering to him over dinner how you can’t wait to get him home. These things show a man that desire goes both ways, that it’s not just him trying to initiate sex all the time. Any woman who can bring out her sexual side and show a man how much he turns her on physically is definitely a keeper!

5. Back Massage

This is as simple as it sounds. There isn’t a man alive who can resist his woman giving him a back massage once in a while.

Men love a woman who can help them relax. This doesn’t have to be every night, but just on the odd occasion when you think he really needs it. Showing this little hint of thoughtfulness is exactly what makes a man think “This is the kind of woman you marry”.

It’s all about care when men choose the women they marry. They want to know (a) How much she cares about him, and (b) Whether she is thoughtful enough to show it. Small gestures now and then like a back massage with all the luxurious oils and scented candles shows him that he’s not going to have to worry about where that care comes from.

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13 thoughts on “Every Married Man’s Idea of Wife Material

  1. RealityCheck

    Career women are certainly NOT wife material at all since they are very much the Real Reason why the Divorce Rate is so very high today do to their GREED AND SELFISHNESS.

    1. Juanita

      Men who are confident are turned on by women who are successful and independent. I have my own business and my husband is a successful business man who treats me as his equal. You are so backwards and old school in the worst way.

  2. Get over it

    haha look at these hatin azz girls who probably ugly an cant keep a man anyway so they rant on the internet. grow up an get a make over

  3. Kathie

    I have not met a man worthy. EVERY MAN I have ever met is nothing more than a liar, a cheat, far from trust worthy, whore’s, deceitful, and not worth a back rub, let alone attempting to keep his ego big by ripping his clothes off. PLEASE!!! This article makes me vomit, and is so far left you’ll never get it right. I am not gay by any means, but would rather be gay, rather than to have to watch my back 24/7 due to the inconciderate, low life actions of men. They are brainless, heartless, and have zero kooth. I would rather be alone and happy, rather than be with a man, and live with a knife in my back, and wonder if he has a sexual disease everyday that I go to bed.

  4. jhen briones

    sir, how if i love my bf but while our relationships takes longer, it becomes unclear.but i really really love him so much and i really cant explain how he feeling makes me weak.im older than him.i dont know what to do now,, i need help but i think i want to be alone and to concentrate to find a work to help my parents.

  5. jaz_mine

    yeah.. this all true.. everytime my husband having he’s vacation for an a weeks. i tamper him.. coz. this is aonly time i can show him how much i love him… coz. those months where not together it’s big absences of he’s physical being.. i value my husbnad more than anything else. even do he’s making stupid things sometimes. but, i let di whaever he wants as long as he was happy for what he’s doin.. but, i just remind him. make sure that im not getting hurt bad things ur doin.. heehehehehhe

  6. mari

    Really ? You make me a little sick. Wifey criteria ? Been married 30 years dude – no criteria. Grow up. Who ARE these girls responding that they think you’re advice is great ? And who ARE you ? My husband loves me whether I give him a back rub or not. That’s a real man.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I know of many couples, happily married for 30 or more years, and the wives of those men would agree with this article…..

    It’s true too…men do love a good back rub or gentle back scratching too…LOL

  8. Mary Ann

    I have done and DO all of the things you’ve mentioned above. Mike and I have been married for 17+ years and I still do those things that not only surprise him, but make him feel the special man that he is. He deserves it and deserves to know it! Good advice.


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