Dealing With the Temptation for Holiday Infidelity

Don’t Give in to Holiday Lust!

To do or not to do, that is the question. The punch is spiked with so much rum, the clothes are short and sexy the men are hot – tight jeans, leather, all smelling good, and both genders dancing and moving to the beats of the trendy new music. Your wife is upstairs in the bathroom at the house where the party is and the laundry room takes on a new energy as the washing machine set on spin giving a vibration of holy cow this is fun…

Do you tell your wife while she was powdering her nose and getting her pantyhose up that you had a spin on the cycle of love? Well truth will set you free, but do you want to be free or was this just a hot moment in time that got you going?

An office party, lampshade on your husbands head turns you off and the new assistant has his eye on you in your tight mini skirt. A wink and toast holding up his glass as he walks over to you and scoots you off to another area of the office. Perching on top of the copy machine with panties around your ankles, hitting the copy button (whoops) leaves a lasting imprint of that moment of indiscretion.

Inviting the neighbors that just moved in next door over for some eggnog by the fire and a game that offers fun interaction, like twister, brings bodies maybe a little closer than they should be – after all the holiday season is a blessed time of spiritual vibrations.

What is more spiritual than love? How do we curve our appetites for all the beauty that the holiday season offers?

Well don’t ya wish you were single? Maybe only in the moment of heated flirty sexiness does that feeling take over our bodies.

The coats at the party are piled high on the bed in the master bedroom and you are tired and waiting for your husband to come and get you, you find another wife somehow under the coats of comforts and her perfume is breathtaking. You are not gay, but this is pretty cool. Her five hundred dollar shoes make you horny just to look at them, and her dressed is hiked up to her panty line only to reveal a g-sting with a heart on it in red that says happy new year…

What a story this will be when your husband hears you got to flirt with a beautiful woman and when you get home the story unfolds and he is more randy than ever.

As I always say, “it does not matter where you get your appetite from as long as you eat at home.”

The best way to deal with temptation is to be true to you. With all the different kinds of lifestyles and relationships there are no longer boundaries that dictate the way our behavior should or should not be, put your personal spin on your holiday. Perhaps a good long talk to your lover, wife, mate and friends before a party that could end up with sexual aftermath‘s might be in order.

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