Sex Advice: My Partner Doesn’t Want Sex

Tips to Help Your Partner

If you are in a long-term relationship, odds are that at some point you will have some challenges in the bedroom. A decrease in sexual appetite can be linked to exhaustion, stress, a lack of self-confidence and other factors, which can and will affect every one of us at certain times in our lives. If you recently found yourself going through some sexual intimacy problems with your partner, the good news is that there are ways to tackle this issue without worsening a highly sensitive situation.

Talk it Out

Instead of avoiding the issue or hoping it will go away on it’s own, talk with your partner. Rather than placing blame on them, make it about the partnership. Sex occurs between two people, and both have a responsibility to keep the lines of sexual communication open and positive. A true relationship is built to last, and you need to be able to be honest with one another and work through any problems. It’s important to express your wish to make things better for both of you instead of making it only about your needs.

It’s About Intimacy…

And not just sexual release. Being close to your partner in a physical sense does not necessarily mean sex or orgasm, but has to do with real intimacy. If one or both of you are not receiving satisfaction from sex anymore, you owe it to each another to figure out why. Try working on the physical intimacy between the two of you through cuddling, touching and the simple enjoyment of physical activities you do together.

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Be Willing to Put in the Work

You both must be willing to talk through what has gone wrong and demonstrate a strong desire to fix things. This includes admitting your part in the disconnect and being open to trying new things. You’ll need to put in the work to change things up in order to get out of the rut you’ve fallen into, so get cracking!

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4 thoughts on “Sex Advice: My Partner Doesn’t Want Sex

  1. arise

    Sometimes one or both partners are simply exhausted. The fix may be as simple as a week’s worth of eight hour nights.

    For women, the issue is often unexpressed anger.

    Men are prone to performance anxiety, which may not be entirely sexual, but may be spilling over from work, money, or family issues.

    Men also experience, and fear, sexual boredom. Another simple fix might be sleeping separately. Contrary to the dictates of feng shui, some research has suggested that sharing a bed can lead to a loss of desire over time.

    Chrissi: yours is probably a medical condition; if so there is effective treatment available. Talk to your doctor.

  2. Chrissi

    I am at the age now I am getting all the bad things happen in my past (I was in a violent relationship) catch up on me- and I can’t get into a position that isn’t painful after a minute or two- so really don’t feel like trying, as if I do it either hurts at the time or I am really stiff the next day it is really off-putting when this happens, and not only can it kill the mood, but kill any pleasure I might even get- and the thought of this doesn’t do hubby much good either as he doesn’t wish to cause me any pain

  3. Renee Tabangcura

    Is it impossible for me to jus get 1 answer free about IS HE CHEATING ON ME its Important to me to find out now but i do not have credit card to pay and that last reading i read was is so true i am at that sad lonely moment in my life where we/IM NOT GET OR HAVING SEX and its DEPRESSING THANK U


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