Catch That Man By Changing Your Self-Image

Is the man you seek sending mixed messages? Is he distant, detached, or otherwise emotionally unavailable? Is he married, or currently in another relationship? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, you are caught in the cycle of “Catch-That-Man” syndrome.

We find ourselves in this type of frustrating situation most often because we haven’t truly determined what we need, want, and deserve. Once we cover bases 1-3 (respectively), we pave the road for some real relationship satisfaction.

Think about this:

1. If you really felt like you deserved clear communication, would you settle for less?

2. If you really felt deserving of an exclusive, committed relationship, would you settle for less?

3. If you were truly ready and deserving of a loving relationship, would you settle for less?

If we are totally honest with ourselves, we will answer no to these three questions. The mind may say no, but the heart becomes integrated with ego and we can’t seem to stop ourselves from wanting to “catch that man.” The reason for the disconnect is directly related to some weaknesses in our belief system in terms of what we not only just want or don’t want, but what we really, truly feel we deserve and what we can have.

If you find yourself always (miserably) chasing that illusive man or relationship that always seems just out of reach, I lovingly encourage you to shift focus from the outside to what’s within. Developing personal boundaries when it comes to relationships can do wonders when it comes to personal growth, peace, and happiness. Determine what you want and deserve, and know with confidence that the universe is on your side, and working at this very moment to bring you opportunities along your path to experience all the love, peace and joy you truly deserve, just for being you.

People aren’t lonely, or alone, because there’s a lack of available people. Check statistics for population—nationally, internationally, in your state, and locality. There are millions of people out there looking for a lasting, mutually satisfying relationship, but they remain alone for lots of reasons (i.e. excuses).

See the following partial list below:

• “I don’t have time.” Make the time and make a relationship connection a priority, and move forward!

• “There’s no one out there with interests the same as mine.” Widen your circle; there are literally thousands of available and willing people out there compatible with you!

• “No one will want me because ______.” Stop being your own worst critic. Our Creator made you, you for a reason and you have many qualities and talents just waiting to be appreciated!

• “I have no money, or am in between jobs.” While money can cause complications in relationships, it’s not a criterion to be able to begin, or sustain one. Finding that partner who will accept you and your finances is a realistic perception that you can hold and find fruitful.

* “I never meet anyone new.” Get out more. Be active with friends (or make new ones), any local family, and social and local groups. Smile and hold eye contact with people you encounter while doing routine errands. Consider that you may be putting off vibes that give others the impression that you are closed, making you seem unapproachable. Practice “opening out.”

To sum it up, our life and relationship state is a direct reflection of our personal beliefs about ourselves, and the world surrounding us. These beliefs can run the gamut of being rooted in traditional and social conditioning, or stem from inner feelings of low self worth and non-deservingness. We experience life and love as we allow ourselves to, so don’t cut yourself short. Continue working on yourself, your awareness, and on developing a strong sense of self-love, keeping in mind that we attract people and events into our lives that are aligned with our current state of being.

Exercise: Allow yourself to reflect back to a time in which you felt a sense of peace and certainty that you would receive something. This sense is what magnetizes us for getting what we want. Reflect back often, and allow yourself to re-experience this state as often as possible to charge yourself. Expect with certainty, that the Universe will bring to you that which you feel you deserve, so love yourself and live a joyous life.

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3 thoughts on “Catch That Man By Changing Your Self-Image

  1. krispy


    I really enjoyed your article. I have been working on my self image. I have always had a good one until I lost my job in 2009. About 1 month before that I started a relationship and I am living with that person now. We seem to have a very good relationship overall. The only thing I see as a problem for us is my mate is practicing “opening out.” When we go out together anyplace we have single women honing in on him, they look and he looks back and where ever we go in a store they follow each others eyes and its annoying. We have discussed it, I see it, he denies it but they actually smile, eyes follow, heads turn and smiles happen with me there. Any suggestions?

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